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Over 90 days ago


Avid avid reader, and maybe will be a writer? Have tried one genre, an easy one, maybe i can give something new a shot. am mostly a mom and its my most important and favorite jobs but never pass down the chance to expand my horizons or to step out of my box. Cant wait to read what everyone is writing and maybe Ill find inspiration to try yet another new thing!

Cooking is my passion..i can spend the day creating beautiful dishes! This is truly how i express -my artistic side. Gardening, planting are things i do when i want to re-affirm life. Golf, golf, golf is my fact, for me, there is no other. i also wrap presents..if i give you a present you wont want to open it! hehee

Favorite Books
omg...did i mention i was an avid reader? so instead of favs ill give genres. i like crime fiction, true crime, science fantasy and fiction, historical fiction and historical non fiction. some romance but it has to be good.

Favorite Authors
another far too numerous to mention

Favorite Movies
sooo, you know..the reading thing. dont really go to movies but i like a good epic film

Favorite Music
am a slave to drums and metal for sure but i like it all short of country