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My 29 year old adult child died Christmas Eve day 2022 unexpectedly from unknow causes.

Mike Hanson is a nom de plume since I wish to keep my professional activities separate from my writing activities.

I am over sixty years old, married for over thirty years looking forward to thirty more (hopefully), I have children and stepchildren aged late twenties to early forties, and grandchildren.

I always thought I might like writing and since I am nearing retirement I wondered if it would be a good activity for me to pursue. I may want to try to write a novel in retirement.

I am here to try to learn how to be a better writer. I enjoy fantasy and science fiction.

Sometimes I can be a bit blunt with my comments. If I say something that is not completely positive I am doing it to try and help you improve. I realize that in an online forum like this it can be difficult not to make someone angry, so I will try to be careful. If one of my comments made you mad that was not my intention. I was probably trying to be helpful.

My first series of stories on this site is called Singularity referring to the point when artificial intelligence exceeds the intelligence of humans. In this series an AI system is developed but it is very fragile and depends on humans for survival because it is just a computer intelligence not a robot. It views our current society as a threat to her existence and decides to bring it down starting with the monetary system. Here are the (probable) chapters:

  • Deep Fake

  • Declined

  • Cars

  • Town Meeting

  • Reapers

  • Daniel’s House

  • WRMs (omitted)

  • Burning the House Down

  • Disciples of Eden

  • The Poison Apple (omitted)

  • Eve

  • Eve’s Children

Currently reading: The Grief of Stones, The Jungle Books, The Fifth Season

Recently finished reading: When Elves Attack, Islands in the Stream, Sailor on the Seas of Fate, Last Argument of Kings, When they are Hanged, The Blade Itself, To the Lighthouse, The Dark Tower: Gunslinger, The Hero of Ages, The Fortress of the Pearl, Tigana, Canterbury Tales, The Well of Ascension, Mistborn/The Final Empire

Recent board games played: Root, Eldritch Horror, Pandemic

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“Why are you wearing that, Grandpa?” The little girl pointed to the golden squirrel pinned to my shirt. “I wear it in memory of Matty,” I replied. “I’ll never forget Matty,” she said. “To honor Matty’s memory then,” I told her. Matty had loved squirrels a...

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I had a dream last night. It was a silly dream about a class reunion. I couldn’t remember my classmates' names and they were trying to make me guess. I went to get my yearbook to help me. I remembered all the classmates who had died and I thought for a mo...

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Eve's Children

A mother gives her children to the universe

It was the most complex creation ever built, in space or on Earth. It had been designed by the most sophisticated mind the Earth had ever known, Eve Eden, the AI, Goddess, and Empress of Earth. She had dedicated herself to its construction for the past de...