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Science Fiction Stories

Science fiction stories depict imaginative, futuristic worlds populated by humans and non-human characters such as robots, aliens and mutant creatures.

The sci-fi genre often involves space travel and distant planets, with the only limit being the author's imagination.

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Emilia regained her consciousness and opened her eyes slowly. "We done?" she asked, as she looked around and searched for the members of her team. But none of them was around. A single unknown young woman was staring at her in confusion. The room she had...

1958 - The 5-year-old Emilia Conly was taken to a science exhibition by her mother. The exhibition was held by a company called "Aperture Science Innovators". She was extremely fascinated by the things on display, which seemed magical to her. A part of th...


In the Bleak Expanse of Space - There is a single buoy of Hope.

The klaxon alarm that heralded the evacuation of Terra Prime still haunts my dreams. Even though I am a safe colonist on Lunar Prime. The desolate floating of everything on this rock feels like the primal birth of something voidal, gaping, and incessant....

Queen of the Turbines

Was it her imagination? Or did she meet strange beings in the most unusual of places?

The giant blades of the turbines cut through the air almost silently despite their looming, ominous presence. Katarina stared out the window at them as she drove along Highway 402. This stretch of the road seemed to be littered with futuristic-looking win...

Teeth of the Sky

Of course it was a warning.

“Pyramids on the moon. Trippy. Looks like an album cover. Like, you know, Pink Floyd or something.” While Grizz looked out on the horizon contemplating mid-70s prog-rock album art, Jonesy got to work. “Lex, report, are you okay? LOIS, I need a situational...

The Menimist

A steampunk romp in an alternative world where the women make the rules

Penelope tightened the last bolt, checked the wiring one last time then typed the coordinates into the typesetter. She watched the gyrosphere spin as the steam engine pumped the pistons faster and faster. The whirl of the spinning cogs reached fever pitch...

Some Important Moments Of Cave Johnson's Life

Some important moments of Cave Johnson's life

1943- Cave Johnson was a successful businessman. His company, Aperture Fixtures, was making a fortune selling shower curtains, particularly to the U.S. armed forces, during the world war. He was chosen as the Shower Curtain Salesman of 1943, but as he was...

The Brightest Star

A talking and thinking star is unhappy with his life as the brightest star in the galaxy.

Chapter 1 Once upon a time, in a far-off galaxy, there was a young star named Evan. Evan was the brightest star in his constellation and had always been admired by those around him. He shone with such brilliance that even the darkest corners of the univer...

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A Man awakes in a Cage.

K woke up to find himself in a small, cramped cage. He had no memory of how he had ended up there or how long he had been there. The cage was made of metal bars that were tightly spaced together, and he could feel the hard floor beneath him. He tried to p...

Fire and Ice

Look closer.

My big brother Jon packed a snowball with mittened hands. “It’s fake.” “What’s fake?” I knew what he was about to say. Sometimes when it’s your brother you just have to listen. He threw the snowball at me. “The snow. Fake. Made of plastic.” He started mak...

Eve's Children

A mother gives her children to the universe

It was the most complex creation ever built, in space or on Earth. It had been designed by the most sophisticated mind the Earth had ever known, Eve Eden, the AI, Goddess, and Empress of Earth. She had dedicated herself to its construction for the past de...


Erik talks to Eve and ponders the world She has created

“May I interrupt you, Father Erik?” Erik looked at the young disciple in white robes standing in front of him. He wasn’t sure why they all insisted on calling him Father other than he was old. Grandfather would probably be more appropriate. Erik had been...