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Over 90 days ago
United States


Hello :) I'm a VERY shy guy, a HUGE nerd LOVE working on my computer. I'm here to play on the forums with my GREAT friends I meet on a SS sister site LUSH.... NOT big on writing these types of stories... MORE into the erotic stories hehe.... BUT if you want to read some of my stories you can on LUSH will put my page up in my website area :)

I LOVE to read stories to get more ideas for my own. Playing video games, listening to music A LOT of music, watching movies and chatting with my friends :) I am what you would call a nerd LOVE comics, playing Magic the Gathering, fixing my computer to make it run better, etc..... If I keep putting up stuff I'll run out of room LOL

Favorite Books
Cirque Du Freak, How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse, Heavy Metal Adult Illustrated Magazine love it some GREAT artist & stories in them & COMIC Books lots & lots of them. I have a HUGE collection. Anything Suspenseful, Thrilling & Bloody

Favorite Authors
Stephen King, Clive Barker, J.R.R. Tolkien & Darren Shaw Just to name a few :)

Favorite Movies
Horror, Action, Comedy & Anime Hellraisers, Evil Deads, Aliens, The Shinning, Transporters, All of The Fast & the Furious. That's just a few I watch a lot of movies.

Favorite Music
Metal, Alternative, Some Old Punk not the stuff there calling punk Now & Days & A little rap Deftones, Korn, In Flames, Incubus, 311, Eyes Set to Kill, KottonMouth Kings, Team Sleep, TOOL. I could list them all but it would take up way too much space. I listen to a lot of music all day long it helps me stay sane in this insane world :)