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Hello, I'm RoseWritingUniverses. I have been writing for... four years, now? Well, four years of consistently writing, I dabbled when I was younger.

I love writing, and I try to build my skills by sometimes writing in different genres, but mainly I'm a romance writer, (with hopefully a little humor) so most of my longer stories are romance.

I love, other than writing, reading, my pet rats, tumblr, even if I get frustrated with it sometimes, and my friends and my family, who also frustrate me kind of often.

Favorite Authors
Anne Frasier, Agatha Christie, JK Rowling, whoever "Castle" actually is, and probably many more.

Favorite Movies
ALL of the Austin Powers movies, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and the Bugs Bunny Road Runner movie.

Favorite TV Shows
Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, Castle, Marvel: Agents of SHIELD, and probably a couple more.

Favorite Music
Rock music, and pop music. I specifically like Billy Joel, Queen, and more modern rock bands. And I find pop songs as I go along.
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Llamada Botín

They're friends that like to do a little more, but why is this getting so weird?

Chapter 1: Cooking Up Something Good I was at a lunch table with my friends, chatting with them about what was up, and our future plans, and all of that. There were about eight of us, but divided into two or three subgroups. I could easily jump in to the...