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Over 90 days ago
United States


I am a little bit of everything all wrapped up in a little ticking package. I write about what I feel and what is happening in my life. I also have my own BOS. You will possible see some of that here too. I am a person with a huge heart. I love and am loyal to a fault. and that you will see in my writing as well.

I have tons of interests to many to mention. Love the outdoors, practicing my religion. Spending time with my daughter doing who knows what. I study the law a lot. figure someone has to try and make a change. Love investigating people that piss me off and getting backgrounds on them.

Favorite Books
There are to many to list. 50 Shades of Greysaga was a great one.

Favorite Authors
Marion Zimmer Bradley, Edgar Allen Poe, Stephanie Meyer, Anne Rice.

Favorite Movies
Twilight Saga, True Blood series, Harry Potter. Anything that is fantasy and mystical

Favorite TV Shows
mostly crime shows like CSI and Criminal Minds. Things that capture my attention.

Favorite Music
I listen to everything. if it has meaning it is in my playlist.
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Looking in the Mirror

Learning independence again.

Looking in the mirror, who do I see?A stranger at first, no wait, that's me!I hardly recognized myself at first,The last time I saw me, I was filled with so much hurt.But looking at me now that it has been some time,I seem to have found what I left behind...

One Day My Love

Imagining the day

One day my love we shall never be apart. The day will come that we will start,  A real life together hand in hand. As we write our names together in the sands. One day my love, our hearts will sing true And it will be the day, we finally hear our words sa...

And then there came you

I have met someone.

It was late one night and I was online. Meet Me was the place to be. Heartbroken and lonely and needing a friend. And then there came you. We began talking all through the night. Talking about meeting and holdingEach other tight. You set my heart free of...