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Good morning, all - tough week ahead - my usual hybrid schedule won’t be in effect due to a team member’s vacation. I have to be in the office by 8 every day! Wah!! On the plus side, Verbal and I will be heading to IHOP soon!

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Quote by Mendalla

Wonders what would happen if verbs said "no".😁

Hi, Talia. Nice to see you again.

Thank you so much - it's nice to be back!

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Quote by verbal

Good luck everyone. Thanks for the java Ape. Good to see you back Elyse!

Utterly exhausting day yesterday, taking my daughter to the OR at 4 a.m.. She is doing fine, despite some pain, and I am doing fine, despite some grogginess.

No plans for the day. We might go see that creepy M3GAN movie. It looks, um, creepy. Or just continue binging White Lotus.

I’d love a coffee! And a Scooby snack!

Hey Handsome - buy me a coffee? ❤️

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Quote by gillianleeza
Proud (Got my last son through college and he graduates tomorrow) Okay one more word, relieved, no more tuition!

Congrats, Gill!!

Mine is far more mundane: hungry.
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Hello, my Ginger - I may not be around much, but you are very dear to me - we have known each other a year now!!
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Quote by authorised1960
Quote by TaliaRussell
Can't we just gossip and eat CAKE?

Can a man come and join your girly chat... but only for the cake?

You are more than welcome, Andy - if Adi does not show up, the CAKE is ours!!