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I am now prefacing my bio with a caveat: by and large, the works I publish here are not autobiographical. I love playing with ideas and envisioning myself in different roles, and then writing about them. I feel awkward when everyone assumes, good or bad, that I am writing about my current feelings or experiences. I am having such a wonderful time writing and interacting here, and am grateful for the warm welcome I have received. I recently established a presence on the "red" site as Layla June, mostly just to post there, as well as here, the "love" type poems I write. Whether I venture into works more in line with that site remains to be seen, I guess. But SS feels like home.

Humor (I love to laugh - I am a great audience); Reading; Writing; Good conversation; Pilates; Fashion; Cats; True Crime; Music

Favorite Books
My two staples: The Magic Mountain and Middlemarch, but I love numerous others.

Favorite Authors
Jane Austen; George Eliot; Thomas Mann; Edith Wharton; Sandra Tsing Loh;

Favorite Movies
Tootsie; The Tao of Steve; Chilly Scenes of Winter; Cabaret; The Best Intentions (Bergman); The Station (Italian, 1990); Carmen (Carlos Saura)

Favorite TV Shows
Investigation Discovery Channel (yeah, the whole thing - I love it); Seinfeld; The Nanny

Favorite Music
Wide and varied
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Oh, the pain, the pain . . .

Danger! Danger! Screams my brain Like Robot From "Lost in Space" Grit my teeth And steel my jaw Words: don't escape Stick in that craw My ears are open Neutral face I will myself Only to say Nothing, nothing Not a thing Just sniffle once And twist my ring...

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Our indulgence

Sit beside me at the play Your fingers laced with mine Kiss me as the lights go down Willing captives for a time Join me in this curtained world Created and made real Scenes portrayed and taking form Like stars at dark revealed Tendrils reach and wrap aro...

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Dip a wick In liquid wax Warm and clear Thin coatings stack Again again It builds and dries Again again Solidifies A candle soon Sits slim and long Tapered to a single prong A touch of flame now at its tip Drops along its sides do slip Single light Steady...

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