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I am now prefacing my bio with a caveat: by and large, the works I publish here are not autobiographical. I love playing with ideas and envisioning myself in different roles, and then writing about them. I feel awkward when everyone assumes, good or bad, that I am writing about my current feelings or experiences. I am having such a wonderful time writing and interacting here, and am grateful for the warm welcome I have received. I recently established a presence on the "red" site as Layla June, mostly just to post there, as well as here, the "love" type poems I write. Whether I venture into works more in line with that site remains to be seen, I guess. But SS feels like home.

Humor (I love to laugh - I am a great audience); Reading; Writing; Good conversation; Pilates; Fashion; Cats; True Crime; Music

Favorite Books
My two staples: The Magic Mountain and Middlemarch, but I love numerous others.

Favorite Authors
Jane Austen; George Eliot; Thomas Mann; Edith Wharton; Sandra Tsing Loh;

Favorite Movies
Tootsie; The Tao of Steve; Chilly Scenes of Winter; Cabaret; The Best Intentions (Bergman); The Station (Italian, 1990); Carmen (Carlos Saura)

Favorite TV Shows
Investigation Discovery Channel (yeah, the whole thing - I love it); Seinfeld; The Nanny

Favorite Music
Wide and varied
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It has a scent of mildewInfused with briny airTinged with heat-baked juniperNear the window thereSwimsuits stiff with sandy saltHanging from the railChildren’s plastic beach toysShovels, balls, and pailsA porch that’s sloped and batteredWarped with faded...

OrdinaryVeryNot beautifulAt allSo what about herScares meInvadesMy inner calm?Disturbs my senseOf whatI amWho I thoughtMyself to beForced to faceAnd not avoidThe truth of what this means:If I outrivalOrdinaryYet itEclipses meThere is no wayI can competeHe...