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This is the reading room at the NYC Public Library, where I have spent whole days doing serious research for my books.
It is hard to express the joy that comes with finding that one old rare book, or document, you have been seeking for years! The joy of discovery is almost unequalled in this world. Additionally, this specific room is so beautiful and welcoming when you enter it!!! It is my favorite place in Manhattan.
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I am currently caught up in the writings of Fredrik Backman. I've read "Ouve" and "My Grandmother says she's Sorry." They are easy reads, with lots of imagination , and plenty of endearing characters. You will laugh often and get teary about once a book. I will start a third book today, "Beartown."
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Right now I only have to watch the news! Those movies play every day there. ;)

WYR a Porsche or a Jaguar?
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How About:

Fiddler on the Roof
Music Man
The King and I
so, so many others
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Quote by Molly
That is such a hard choice. I like them both.
Let's go Trans-Siberian Orchestra

WYR have the ability to fly or turn invisible?

I'm so ugly, I want to become invisible.

Anna Kendrick or Blake Lively?
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Avril -- Losa (My great aunt from Quebec had that name)
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I will never forget my Dad. I don't think anyone had a father like I did. He couldn't go outside for 5 minutes without being surrounded by children. When I went home my friends always had to go in to say "Hello" to my father (my Mama too).
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Quote by etairay

I am loved 😃❤

That is a great way to feel hon. Good for you!!
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Quote by Guest
I will never forget the greatness of Jimmy Carter.

I loved the man and his wife too. I could tell they put their faith and love in everything they did.
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I'm listening to Sara Bareilles singing "Yellow Brick Road."
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We are getting warmer waters in New England and a lot of sharks around our beaches. We are almost afraid to go into the water. Then of course, lots of wind and rain.
Finally we do get hurricanes most years, and a new phenomenon: a kind of tornado at sea!
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To two of my friends who lived in the streets without telling me (how could they?) and they froze to death one very cold New Years Day behind a dumpster.
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Quote by gillianleeza

We have that up here in MA too Gill! But you have Chesapeake Bay crabs and all ours are hard shelled. You cook yours so hot, it makes you sweat. We just take out the meat and make crab cakes or crab meat sandwiches.
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I owned everything under the sun, considering how often they broker down. But the guys on my corner knew a guy with a 35 year old 1931 Plymouth which he would rive 18 miles each way to work every day (36 miles total). the thing that would make us laugh was the fact that he had only ONE gear!! That was LOW GEAR!!! So we gave him the nickname, "Johnny Low Gear!" That is a story I could not dream up it is so crazy. We all knew cars in those days, because we all owned clunkers and had to spend weekends fixing them. Sounds terrible, but to us, life was a blast!
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I drove from Boston to San Diego to get my friends who wanted to see Nova Scotia. They gave me a great tour of several parts of the Grand Canyon, so I took them to Halifax. The whole trip took around 2 weeks and 3 days.
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Quote by Paperboy
I do like Costco rotisserie chicken but Loblaws Portuguese Churasco Chicken is my go to for my grocery prepped whole chicken.

Anyway, ended up making a hamburger for dinner. Fresh, not frozen so it was a tasty last minute decision.

Hey! This my yummy food!! When you are done, you can use the remaining chicken with some rice and enough of the water the chicken and Chourico were cooked in to combine all the elements into a very tangy chicken and rice soup.
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"Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, and all the world, she walks into mine!" (Casablanca)


"You don't understand! I coulda been somebody! I coulda been a contenda! Instead of a bum. Which is what I ma. Let's face it, Charlie." (Brando to Steiger in "On the Waterfront.")

Pacino, Cop to deNiro, criminal i"heat":
Pacino: "So you never wanted a regular type life?"
deNiro: "What the "bleep" is that? Bar-b-q's and Ballgames?"
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Maya Angelou
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Quote by Tiger
I usually get interested in something in history, or in personal improvement, etc. Then I find out what book(s) are considered the "best" in that area by those who live and work in that area. Finally, I find the one best book, and bury myself in it until I just about "wear it."

I think I put it best here.
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"The Redhead by the Side of the Road," by Anne Tyler.
It was a lot of fun to read. I highly recommend it.
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Herbert Spiegelberg. The Phenomenological Movement.

Classic and perhaps most scholarly text on the movement. Amazing breadth and depth.
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Did you know we now have more than 2 million Roma living here in the contiguous 48? Most people who know very little about them have very biased opinions of who they are. Masny famous people had at least one Roma parent like Elvis, Yule Brynner, and Charlie Chaplin. If anyone is interested I can write up a series of stories about them.