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Over 90 days ago
United Kingdom


I am a charity fundraiser. My life is a kaleidoscope of events and drama. I am hoping I can project this in story format......wish me luck

ahem! That would be writing, writing and writing. I don't think I do much else other than help out at my church, raise money for childrens charities and read philosophy.

Favorite Books
Angels and Demons, Crime and Punnishment

Favorite Authors
Patricia Cornwell.,Dan Brown

Favorite Movies
Apocolypse Now, Deerhunter

Favorite Music
Pretty much all music - music helps my soul smile
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New Beginnings

A thrilling thriller in the making

Crying is not an emotion I tend to share; I generally keep myself to myself and even then do little to deal with them. My best friend Chloe, God rest her soul, had departed this world as if in a puff of smoke. I felt aggrieved that I had not spent more ti...