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We're Liz and Hannah: two authors who happen to be best friends. Though we come from Portland, Oregon, we both are members of Central Washington University's Class of 2018 where we plan to pursue maybe music and other academia. Our favorite things are writing, dancing, music, shopping, boys, baking, and A:tLA (if you got the reference, good for you!).

We firstly became close during our sophomore years of high school, during which we began writing our first series together, what is now titled The Princess and the Guardian, a four-part fantasy saga. We tend to come up with rather imaginative but improbable story lines which will hopefully be perceived as miraculous to the rest of the populous, but who knows. o.o We love our fictional men and are unashamed of it. And we're friendly too! Hi.
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A Royal Reborn: Prologue

After failing to stop a princess from running away, Guardian Xavier is banished until he finds her.

PROLOGUE | There is Strength in Shame In a magnificent Golden Palace perched in a kingdom in the sky, a king dressed in robes of maroon cotton paces along the edge of a grand table centered within a musty, candlelit war room. King Oliver the Valorous, the...