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Queen Stories



Blurring the line between allegiance and subjugation

Her dark heart smiled Beckoning them forth Her name dancing On silenced tongues Hail ye! Hail ye! Row upon blue row they stood Far as the reach of an eagle’s eye Loaded carbines on their backs Allegiance to her their hearts’ tempo To war! To war! Their ch...

Fuel Season 3: Episode 24 – Plain And Simple

The Flamboyant Phenomenon attempts to break out by targeting the absent Penny and the F-X Queen.

21st of March – Season 3 Plain Jane was watching a video interview on the Formulary, paying special attention to the speaker's intention and how much traffic the video was garnering on the social network rather than what he was saying. "The face paint? We...

The Queen Mother

She planned well for the future.

The Queen Mother sat quietly as her daughter, the newly crowned monarch, presided over her first meeting of Parliament. She remembered her own first time, following the death of her husband the King. She knew her daughter was nervous, but also saw that sh...

A perfect butterfly. I have watched you for days in that lonely courtyard. No flowers. Why did you stay? At gloaming, I come to find you trapped in that spider's grip. I would have intervened but her poison was sunk deep into your back. Oh, how you strugg...

The old warrior returns to his dreamErin sits with her tea watches over him.As the steamer rounded the Cape on its final leg to India.  The veterans looked out over the sea, packing their pipes for a morning smoke.Some thought of home or who they left bac...

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Destruction Queen

She is always there

Who was that just now?She leapt inside my headWhispering little liesDragging me out of bedDid you see her?Did you hear her?What was it that she said?If you choose to listenShe’ll forever spin her web. Does she look familiar?Have you seen those eyes before...

A Day Out Bowling

We had such a great time with you

A day out bowling Such fun we had So certain I would win Is that a sin? But he made me laugh We just grabbed and lobbed the ball Prayed to God ,Queen and country some would fall But not he He didn't take a chance He perfected his bowling stance It was lik...

Songs I Grew Up With

How some music made me feel as I grew up and still does.

Elvis PresleyBilly JoelPink FloydNat King ColeAmazing artistsBeautiful songsSome feelThey right out wrongsDon't cry DaddyI love you just the way you areI'm comfortably numbAnd smile though my heart is achingI like to listenTo these songsThe words to themE...

A Royal Reborn: Prologue

After failing to stop a princess from running away, Guardian Xavier is banished until he finds her.

PROLOGUE | There is Strength in Shame In a magnificent Golden Palace perched in a kingdom in the sky, a king dressed in robes of maroon cotton paces along the edge of a grand table centered within a musty, candlelit war room. King Oliver the Valorous, the...