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Over 90 days ago
United States


I'm more of a verbal story teller than I am an author. My little fingers can't seem to keep up with my mind as I poke away at the key board. I do however enjoy reading many styles of writing. Humor is probably first on my list. It's much like music though, if your a true craftsman at your passion, I'm sure I'll enjoy your work. Please don't ridicule me for any miss spelled words you see coming off my key board. My best friend bought me an illuminated, silent key board, as I would stay up nights typing, and it kept him awake. It's the nicest key board I ever used, except the space bar sucks. Thats my excuse.

I never keep my money in a bank, therefore I have no interest. I do enjoy the great outdoors in many ways. I enjoy a good challenge now and then. I enjoy my three sons, friends, and beer. Family reunions can be exillerating, and the game of Horseshoe's that comes before and after the food is always a challenge. I once threw 2 ringers on top of my Uncle Joe's 2 ringers to negate his, that was pretty cool. I enjoy talking to people, as every one I've ever met has inspirerd me in some way. I've been retired for 3 years or so, at the ripe age of 48, and I simply love it. I strickly come out of retirement for my friends and relatives only. Never charge them much, but it's great beer money!

Favorite Books
Klondike Mike, is my all time favorite, but I only made it to the 4th chapter before I had to return it to the library, so they could return it to the other library. I could buy it new for $44.00, but I prefer to find it used some day.

Favorite Music
Any group that actually compose's music, as oppossed to one that just makes noise.