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Favorite Authors
Catlin Kiernan, Connie Willis, Niel Stephenson, L.A.Meyer (no not the vampire one, the Bloody Jack one), George MacDonald Fraser (Flashman series), Stieg Larsson and many more.

Favorite Movies
Dragon Tattoo Trilogy (extended version)
Does have to add in 'Kick Ass' as to me it was much like Virgil's "Aeneid" with each and every contrived element put in the most perfect place.

Favorite TV Shows
CSPAN when I used to watch TV.
Not entirely true.. has Netflix and did go all the way through 'Switched at Birth'. Thought it was a bit novel, but what would I know...

Favorite Music
Artists... Laleh, Lorde and most anything Celtic women. Adds in Sade, Peggy Lee and Reina del Cid... (youtube artist).
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A Pair of Conniving Witches

A tiny sliver from a much larger story, likely never to be written for public consumption..

"So let me get this straight. " Chole said looking over the forged documents. One had been recently printed in London, and looked new, but Cytheria had gone back two centuries to London to have it forged with the Royal Society's official script. The other...