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A Pair of Conniving Witches

A tiny sliver from a much larger story, likely never to be written for public consumption..

"So let me get this straight. " Chole said looking over the forged documents. One had been recently printed in London, and looked new, but Cytheria had gone back two centuries to London to have it forged with the Royal Society's official script. The other...

Which Is . . .?

They walk among us . . .

Evil is as evil does  Wicked witches speak in tongues  Spewing forth their bilious spells  Creating their special hells You may think these crones exist  Just inside the tales of Grimm  Sadly, though, that's not the case  A Witch will often hide her face...

Amanda the witch

spooky spells

Amanda the green witch very gently squeezed Yew berry to bewitch vile mortals who deserved to die by drinking brown- black seeds venting her wrath into the vat, her gown splashed by the boiling broth. Death Cap, Panther Cap a Pinch of, Fly Agaric Destroyi...

Halloween: A Cats Eye View

Venture out on Halloween if YOU DARE!!

A group of twelve strangers, RAP, RAP at the door, disturbs my comfortable snooze on the floor. My mistress sweeps through dragging her gown, a tall pointed hat fits tight on her crown. With a rattle of broomsticks the cackling coven, place a large cauldr...