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Over 90 days ago



Welcome New Baby

This serves a thematic introduction to my new book, 'The Dead Must be Sobbing'

Welcome my baby welcome,Yes, be a great read, come,Tell the world your big bold tale,Your birth is greater than a sale,Surely, the dead must be sobbing,Be a rude awakening to the robbing! "The Dead Must be Sobbing," a poetry anthology by Ndaba Sibanda, is...

The Inferno Of Madness

This satirical story is about a woman activist who challenges political decay and cultural prejudice

It looks like some mean people have resolved at all costs to take us back to the Dark Ages. I am sick to the bone about it all. The moment l meet other nationalities and we chit-chat about it, l feel lost, let down and naked. It weighs on my pride, person...

12 Days

What happens to a loving and fun-filled couple twelve days before Christmas.

On the twelfth day before Christmas my happy honey sent me twelve heavy honeycombs with eleven live busy bees buzzing around. Hungrily l ploughed my mouth into them and lo! Ten sharp stings were drilled into me in return. At nine oclock l was whizzed to a...