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Eaters of All, Pt 1

"Humanity becomes the feeding ground for the Eaters of All"

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The day Dave Outlaw learned 'we are not alone' should have been a cool day. Growing up lower class had taught him early that life was not a bowl of cream to be licked up slowly and savored. His life had only recently changed. Slowly climbing up from the dredges of being a flunky. He worked as a nurse aide during the day and helped do a little of this and that for "Uncle" when he was needed.

Being raised in the city of Rola, CA made him who he was today and taught him that life outside the city was as alien as another planet. People were not as laid back and “cool wit it” as he was. Sometimes that “I am better than you look” he received when he was out of town made him realize some people, in this day and age, still have not learned to except differences. Just one look said it all. Thank goodness David O. was only visiting this city. Then he met her. His angel on earth. An untouchable temptation. A craving he desired almost more than to take his next breath. He did a stupid thing then. A your-life-will-end-if-you-don’t-leave-town kind of stupid thing. So he did the only thing he knew. Got in his ’68 Dodge Camero, headed to the stash he had just delivered. The next stop...

He was in Vegas, baby! Just him. No buddies, no babes. Taking time out of life to just relax was his goal. He was walking the Strip around midnight, desert winds are whipping around. He could feel the gritty sand pinging his skin. Maybe it was the wind that muffled what happened next. Dave felt not heard: Get in or die. At least that is what he thought the hard feeling in his back and quick firm tug into a magically appearing black van were saying to him. The urge to itch a million ants burrowing into his scalp, or hoping to God his lunch wouldn't choose now to make a second appearance actually were nice thoughts compared to the actuality not 3 feet from him.

Crack. Crack.

Not being a man of many words Shane Maymormengio took his time loosening various parts (for the beating ahead?) of his body. Dave O. took time trying to not loosen his grip on consciousness. Perhaps walking down, even the most well lit street on Earth, at midnight, when you owed 'a guy, that knows a guy, that knows a guy' five grand, wasn't one of his brightest ideas.

If the throbbing headache wasn't a strong enough indictor Dave had been knocked out. The dried blood on his shirt and the tendrils of dawn lighting the windows hit the dummy on the head, so to speak.

" I gave you the easy way. You didn't take it. You took off, thinking wha'? I hope the lil skank was worth it. Not that you'll be seeing her again."

Anger burned like lava in his guts but what could he do? Shane Maymormengio not only had a point, but he also had Dave tied to a chair and gagged.

"No more of this duck and dodge bull. It's done."

Shane Maymormengio didn't mince words. Dave O. did have to had to listen carefully due to Shane’s heavy accent but he got right to the point. They were in what amounted to a wooden shack . Four walls, a window, a door, dirt floor and roof. The early morning heat pressed in on all sides. Dave could guarantee no one was as sweat soaked like being thrown in a pool fully clothed, like he was. He would have protested or even stuttered something if he wasn't gagged. The muscles from his neck, through his shoulders down his arms and wrists ached and burned. Shane Maymormengio brought out what amounted to something to gut and slaughter animals. Dave wet himself. Dave O was thinking the worst when Shane Maymormengio took a step closer, but the darndest thing happens when you yourself get speared through the guts with a 2 x 4.

Dave O.’s screams of terror went unnoticed as all Hell broke loose around him. Still gagged he realized his screams were just echoes in his head. Dave inhaled bits of wood, dirt and some of Shane Maymormengio. Fighting down the burning bile in his throat and the fright blooming in his chest like a mushroom cloud. He steeled his nerves and looked around. To Dave’s utter amazement the wooden shack was swirling like a tornado. Not shooting off in all directions but the wood and dirt actually swirled like it was a tornado. Then suddenly more wood was flying. Two more assistants in the room met grisly deaths. No sooner had Dave thought 'Ew' did he hear/feel/see more debris coming at him, so he ducked and dodged which caused him to tip in his chair. He landed on his right side, thankfully not on anything, or anyone.

"Are you alright?"

Dave looked around as best he could, which wasn't well enough as far as he was concerned. The voice sounded soothing and concerned but also like it was coming from inside his head! W-who said that? Dave thought to himself.

"Fine. You can hear me then."

A loud screech then a pop made him howl in pain. Ever had a car backfire and nail on a chalkboard amplified in your head by, like, a million? Only for a merciful few seconds did this torture last.

"If I do not make a direct neutral connection… Do you still hear me?"

Now whoever said that was on loudspeaker, not inside Dave’s head. A glowing shower of energy entered the room. It was like fireworks but swirling, like it was chasing itself. Dave O. felt like crying, laughing and being philosophical all in one breath. He was unbound and no longer gagged. He sat cross legged in a white room.

"Look my life was threatened and I was almost killed."

Dave paused, thinking. How come I didn't die back there? With the other guys.

"You are needed. Does this make you more at ease" Still just a voice.

"Ok what is going on?"

Dave was beginning to think he wasn't being messed with but something truly wanted real answers. "Who is talking to me?"

"If you are at ease I can begin to explain what has happened. You can help."

"Me? Help you?"

Yeah, talking to a voice in a white room was weird. No worse than almost being butchered in Vegas by 'a guy who knows a guy, who knows a guy'. For some reason Dave smelled grass and mountain air? He turned and he was outside. Correction. He was outside overlooking a fantastic mountain view .

"I thought this would be helpful."

A man stood next to him. He jumped back and nearly over the edge of the cliff. The dude looked like Dave! He was about the same height, weight and build. He had his jet black hair styled short and had hazel eyes. His also had broad roman nose and straight white teeth. When Dave grinned stupefied he saw the other Dave had dimples like him too. Dave opened his mouth to ask more questions.

"Ah, first human let me explain myself, then you can ask anything you desire."

This guy just referred to Dave as "human", meaning he wasn't? Maybe that hit on the head caused more damage than a ruined $400.00 shirt.

"Don't think in terms of humanity when I explain to you what I am. Let the names of the creatures represent energies or good and evil if that helps. Y'limpis Ele represented the positive element in Dac-raith. No other was placed and Y'limpis Ele was not ruler, simply the first of it's kind. No other could be like it because Y'limpis Ele was the first. That knowledge of power was like an honor, given on it's own not by A.R.C. The Overseer of Dac-raith and Abislene sensed and imbalance when Y'limpis Ele started recklessly absorbing into itself others that was put to rest there in the Ele realm. Creating something destructive that could not be left to roam freely. While the seven levels of Dac-raith are what can be described as beauty and light, Abislene was created for such a purpose to contain anything that went against that. What is called prison here. Twelve depths deep, nothing could escape. Nothing had ever been sent there, until Y'limpis Ele mutated and became something other. It was not power hungry from the start this only became a problem in the last 2,000 years. It took me eleven to find you."

The look of concern in the the other Dave's eyes was eerie. Could he feel concern. Was what he saying even real? Dave continued to listen.

"Cast 19 depths into time from the highest level of Dac-raith to the last in Abislene, there is no escaping that. Along with those Y'limpis Ele had absorbed and those Y'limpis Ele managed to attach to before the levels sealed. We believe what has occurred since Y'limpis Ele's 1,000 year imprisonment is energy has been seeping through the depths and infecting surrounding matter. We are surrounded by other planets with life forms, not all good in nature and we noticed a change and linked it to Y'limpis Ele's infected energy upon further tests. Like your DNA tests can prove the parentage of children we can separate our energies with tests. Our energy mixed with our DNA or alien life forces caused different reactions. We've saw odd reactions and decided to discontinue our research until we could modify our testing. So when we saw this rapid evolution of evil we knew something was wrong. There's several types infected energies corrupting matter and it's getting worse. We believe Y'limpis Ele is attracted to a certain signature. Some zones, places that other energies similar to us exist, are completely 'eaten', and some are sampled and left alone. It seemed Y'limpis Ele has reached your planet and we have no idea what our corrupted energy, could do. Of all the life forces on this planet yours called out the strongest. I am Pristack, The Depth 2 Protectors of the Realm of Ele. Y'limpis Ele was an example of a High One with sufferable consequences that we thought were contained in Abislene. How mistaken we have been. The dark, evil you call it here on Earth has many names, many forms in the Realm of Ele. What came out of Abislene and tormented our kind, those dragged out of Dac-raith but not reaching the 19 depths of time. Staying perhaps to depth 8 or 9 became Poh-tak, what I hunt. They are Eaters of All. The worse and hardest to hunt and destroy. They are invisible to the naked human eye. They infect, destroy, takeover. Like a cancer of the soul. "

Dave did not have any questions at that moment. They returned back to Earth, or at least back to where it all began, the wooden shack. If Shane Maymormengio had still been dead along with his buddies Dave could have could have laughed off his trip to the mountain as injury induced. It did not get any more real for Dave than having to fight off a guy trying to chew off his arm. Pristack or whoever he was held up his hand and the room filled with a humming. Vibrations made Dave’s bones feel like they were shattering. The guys started to be affected as well.

"STOP!" Dave yelled. "Hey I am a human. You can't do that."

Dave showed Pristack a neat little trick he learned from countless zombie flicks and bashed in the guy's head. Pristack followed suit and whacked another guy with a piece of wood. Shayne and his crew lay dead for the second time today.

" You might can do your alien energy tricks were your from but when I am around your gonna have to start thinking human. Don't you carry ray guns or something that won't melt my bones if you kill something else?"

Pristack gave Dave Outlaw a look of confusion and something dawned on him.

"I do have weapon I can create to contain my energy and focus it on a target and not effect other human elements in the area."

Dave noted the stupid grin pasted on Pristack’s face was the same one he wore when he felt he has outsmarted some guy. Why couldn't Pristack have picked someone else to imitate? Or maybe he thought Dave would be comfortable looking at himself as an alien. Things would definitely take some getting used to.

One month later…

West Texas

I don't even think I am human anymore. I can't feel anything but pain and rage. Not anger or fear or sorrow pure unfiltered rage that never ends. It's like a hunger that is never satisfied. I haven't seen. Well, let me rephrase that. I can can no longer see with my eyes but rather "see" with my senses. That is how I track the others. Vibrations through my skin and thermal heat seeking like I am some sort of freak! That's what's become of us, the ones with the rage and puking blood. Some sort of reaction of what's eating us from the inside out. I know the first of us were fast and pissed but not "smart". We are changing. We are becoming...Something else altogether. Have they figured that out yet? I have never seen one of us die. Only the first ones were weak. Some people couldn't even cope with the change and died within moments of infection. Now, only after they burn us , does that slow us down. We've learned the healing power of regeneration. Some of us. The smarter ones. The ones that have learned the skill of the High One and absorb the energy source of these beings, or what few are left. The world is so overrun with The Infected. It is almost time to move on to another world.

Must keep going.

Must keep searching.

The hunger. The rage. Never ends.

* * *

Death shouldn't be something anyone should have to worry about. Velo Hanson was only 18 when all this shit went down and it's survive or die. His red hair streaked with almost white blond highlights and auburn lowlights, looked like a flame possessed. It hung just above his shoulders. At 6 foot 3 inches 240 pounds people say his kind sea colored eyes and easy smile kept him from being intimidating. A rocker tee, jeans and sneakers added to the relaxed persona that was Velo Hanson. Feeling that grunge bands of the 90’s spoke well to his inner nature, he became a huge fan of Soundgarden and later discovered Megadeth and never looked back. There is no planning for what do you want to be when you grow up. It is can you kill without getting infected? Can you kill your own friend? Or your own fucking sister!?! That's what got him this far, dealing with them for 7 months. Surviving but not living. There is no living vs. the infected. You are The Survivors vs. The Infected. They haven't shown up yet. Velo does not know why but this part of the USA is not overrun with them. Before chaos reigned. Velo saw reports of entire cites laid to waste. People trying to escape the Infected only to be Infected in the process. It seemed like the Infected learned to plan their attacks. Texas is a huge state and miles can be covered just walking and hiding out at night. Looking for a place that has security and stability. 

In Velo‘s group there are few. Some have been lost and some gained through searches. Doing the searches during the day when the Infected seem less active and on alert. Walk, search, rest and then move on. Here in Texas there is a military base that they are hoping is still standing and not surrounded by the Infected. Seeing the devastation first hand Velo thinks back to the first days, when he knew it was not going to change. Walking mile after mile and realizing how unprepared we as a nation were for this. In just a few short months Velo could see decades of modern living destroyed. He did not know about word wide communications yet but as far as Texas went there were not any television or internet connections. Cell phones and radios were the last to be disconnected. Electricity was still available but those jobs that were human operated were long since abandoned. Soon the electric plants, and anything else resembling 21 century living would cease to exist. Who could account for this? Who could be prepared for something sweeping the globe and wiping out humanity faster than any epidemic. A pandemic that had an end goal to wipe out the entire human race. Velo’s feet ached. His body screamed with fatigue. Every step he took all he thought about was the next step to safety. Getting to that base with concrete walls, ammo and lots of food. He was sure people in the surrounding area thought that too, but really, there can't be many survivors by now. 

There are no rescuers coming in, guns blazing. It was actually less depressing for Velo now than at the beginning. At least he hadn't yet killed his baby sister. God! What a waste. Such memories need to be forgotten. Accepting this world, a new way of life deadens the soul. 

He had not yet done much of anything except wander the streets of his town of Midland, TX and try and find someone, anyone. After the first couple months. Once he was allowed to came out of the bomb shelter like room his Dad had made in the weeks after 9/11.Velo still did not have a plan. When he met up with Dan and Sally they were in a house that they personally had reinforced, but they too were battle weary. There was no one left in the Tall City it seemed like. Until they had to fight through a few dozen Infected on the outskirts of town when leaving. There were a few Infected straggling I-20, they weren't hard to pick off during the day. Velo was thankful that the few stray farm animals were not Infected. They had to save ammo and trying to fend off a herd would have been useless. 

At night it was tricky. They knew if they had watch they had better be on their toes. They tried having two awake, one to watch each other sort of thing, then Sally was attacked while going to the restroom. Getting used to the dead silence could get to the steeliest of nerves. No birds, no traffic. 

The Infected seem to come out of nowhere. After 3 months Dan and Velo had made it through to Dallas. They had made several stops and not seen another living soul. Of course coming to Dallas brought on a whole new set of challenges. The Infected were a plenty. Dan and Velo managed to stick to their own fighting style, Velo preferring the spear and slice. He found a method of finding a soft spot in the body and going for it depending on what position he was put in. Then while he had them speared he could go at them whatever way he could to minimize splatter and quickly disable them. There is no killing (but what else can he call shredding someone until he thinks they are dead) these freaks. Velo and Dan found a good hiding spot in Dallas where, thank God, there were a couple of Survivors. They were able to re-supply and have shelter while coming up with a plan.

"We can head to the military base. But it's not like we can go tomorrow. We need to think about what we need to do in case of."

Dan explained. He is a former military and knows his stuff but the rest of the group isn’t. So he is trying to explain to civilians tactical defense and what to do when things don't go to plan A and need to change to B or C and so forth.

"There aren't any easy ways of doing this. If we find more Survivors we'll fortify our numbers and be all the better. But with what we have,"

Dan glanced around. Looking to Velo, a nervous but smart 18 year kid. Then looking to another older couple that had it together enough to make it this long. Then an always shy looking but brave enough to make it young woman and her little boy. Then the two dudes similar looking enough to be brothers or twins.

"We have ourselves a rag tag band here. But everyone is a rookie in war. Even those that train for months aren't experts before stepping foot on a battlefield for the first time. Consider yourselves trainees. We aren't naive about the Infected. We all have been out there, but when dealing with precise planning and working together as one body , one machine. We become one unit. Harder to defeat"

There was complete silence. Everyone was so focused on what Dan was saying that when the traps starting going off outside everyone all snapped to.

"All we have discussed comes down to this moment people. Let's move out!"

This wasn't The Moment but it was a start. Could they work as one? Would they make it through this round of Infected trying to break through the defense? Since Velo is telling you his story. You know he made it.

* * *

I know my human side is gone. Once the virus enters, any shred of humanity vanishes. What only God can create He also takes back as soon as living hell enters. How many of us think? Are all of us thinking about things and how they have come to be? Still I am walking and I have not seen anybody. Well I am not sensed anyway. Suddenly little quivers rush across my skin. My head jerks to the left, I sniff the air like a dog, then my head jerks to the right. Immediately my rage flares. Someone is near.

* * *

When Velo heard an electronic sizzle and witnessed a flash of light, from the weapon, saw an Infected in half. Effectively disabling it and cauterizing the massive wound left behind. He knew something was different about those two men he’d just met. No matter, they had to block the hole that allowed only 2-3 Infected in and quickly disable them drag them too an isolated room and burn them. This would allow them time to take care of the rest and secure the shelter. It was a few hours until daybreak, until it was safer to move on.. Once the Infected finds a hideout its like they have freaking radar. They can find each other. Where there was a few there will be about 10 times more, or how ever many is in the immediate area. Being in the company of a few Infected is more than Velo liked to think about. Tina, the young woman, and Robby returned. They like working as a team. She never allows him out of her sight, so he's trained like the rest of us. Tough little 9 year old. They grabbed a couple more of the Infected and took them back. Sometimes burning them also seemed to deter their attacks, but lately nothing seems to slow them down. Once again Tina and Robby return and the couple Stan and Lacy are boarding up the windows and doors where the first few Infected tried getting in. Dan started disinfecting the walls and floor w/ a mixture of solvents that doesn't kill the contamination but will at least give someone a chance to wash it off if they come into contact with it. It's not guarantee, but its a comfort knowing they can do some normal chores and way of living from old times. 

"They," she inhales deeply, "they aren't even slowing down man. Just laying there long enough to regen, and some don't even need a full coat." Tina wiped the sweat from her brow with a sanitized towel. The terms they had come up with during the Infection like "regen" short for regeneration, and full coat meaning new organic or living tissues. No matter if they had the guts and glory mentality of a fighter or not. Everyone had to learn to defend themselves because there was no way to stop the Infected completely. Now, they were getting stronger. Dealing with the gruesome nature of having to slaughter another human being, because they are Infected, changed you inside. Giving a name to the horror separated them from it, made the Infected less human, and helped alleviate the guilt of mutilation. 

They hustled because they knew it was not over. The Infected have changed their strategy. The Survivors have too as well, if they knew any better. Instead of bum rushing all together. The Infected send in decoys or searchers. If there are hoardes the searchers can be aplenty, and they wear themselves out before the real party begin. They don't seem to want to fight or anything, just break in and go for whoever is standing there. Velo would never understand what's in the head of one of these things.

The destruction they saw while traveling really spoke to the nature of it all. In such a short amount of time the stability of the way they lived before this all happened, crumbled. Just completely failed. Where were the people who came to rescue them? Tell them it's going to be OK and where to go and what to do? Where are the announcements on the 24 hour stations informing you of the dangers but also the solutions put forth to resolve this? None of that happened. When this started, it was like hellfire raining from the sky and no amount of reasoning or planning could contain it. If other minor threats to our world could not be solved or at least given the truth about the situation. Then truly, what was to be expected when a global catastrophe threatened to eliminate mankind. Who do you think would want to be in charge of that failure? They were crumbling under the weight of this disaster and there was no end in sight.

* * *

Deciding it was time to move on Velo wanted to get to know the newest addition to the group.

"Hey, that's a pretty cool gun."

He commented. The person holding the gun just gave Velo a sly, knowing glance. He cleared his throat and tried again.

"So what was your name again?"

"Pris-" He guy started to say, then his friend cut in. 

"ten, um, his name is Preston and I am Sam. He's a weapons specialists and was at work when stuff happened and was able to acquire some top secret things."

Sam shot Velo an "anything else" glare, so he just nodded and kept walking. He dark hazel eyes held the same serious stare as Pristen. They could be brothers. They were a good team so he did not bother trying to figure them out, but they were not all honest. Velo would find out why later. They relocated to an all around concrete workhouse. Once inside they saw it had 2 large roll up doors, one on each side of the building. Also 2 smaller exit doors at each end of the building. It is a structure used for entrances into parts of the city. Be it the sewer, electric plant, water plant. It was surrounded with barbed wired and a 10 foot fence but with all working as a team they managed to work out a system. It is not like everything has been maintained for the past few months. Everyone in their group is still hanging in. They picked up only one Survivor during rest/search periods. A loner like Velo. So now he had a buddy.

The new guy was living with roommates in a loft and when this all went down. One roommate came home in dead of night and Infected another and so on. No one heard anything except for Rad (his choice to be called that, dunno if that's his real name). So Rad heard the usual language of the Infected gurgling puking and grunting. He wasn't sure what was happening because being party animals sometimes getting stinking drunk and coming home puking is apart of the "job". So getting up and stumbling to the toilet, in slippers and a pair of boxers, Rad was relieving himself when we heard one of his roommate slam into the bathroom doorway and tried correcting himself and scramble to his feet before Rad could turn around. Too late. Rad, thinking his roommate was trying to rush to the toilet to throw up whipped around getting ready to laugh when he saw the blood and cold dead eyes. Rad then looked down at the floor and saw he had tracked through blood in that hallway. His slippers slick with red. Stumbling to the corner, between the toilet and the wall, Rad didn't quiet panic, fully. His quick thinking saved his life. They had a window in the bathroom next to the sink. He had to work around the toilet and slide around the sink. Rad did the only thing he thought would work. He grabbed the towel rack and yanked for dear life. It bent in the middle and popped free. His roommate was already up and coming right for him, grinning. So Rad shoved the towel rack through his friend. He said he doesn't know where he got his friend, he had his mouth and eyes closed and prayed his friend wasn't a gusher. Once he felt contact with the window he pushed back and turned, opened the window and wiggled out. It was about an 8 foot fall or so. He landed on his right shoulder and heard a crack. But, thankfully it was just a branch he landed on. So Rad had a sense of humor.

Through the worst of it he could still smile. Velo could not recalling laughing so hard in months. Sometimes he thought. Should I be thankful I made it this far? For what? He does not want to complain about being alive because the alternative is pretty f-ed up right now. No doubt about that. His mind tricks him though. He can't be happy, like ever, but he can't be sad because man he is a SURVIVOR. Never talk about US vs. THEM but he is sure it is on everyone’ mind. Velo had gone without his meds for 6 months now. He has been feeling pretty low but having adrenaline pumping 24/7 does something to salve off depressive thoughts. Nothing suicidal. If you die do you come back? If one of the Infected found you and got blood on your corpse, is that how it works? Is it even the blood that infects you? It is not knowing that is sometimes the hardest part for Velo. As someone that likes having order and planning. Living life on the fly is hard to get used to. Velo was not sure if they liked to eat them, like in the movies. Are they zombies? Because they don't die. Not being shot, not being burned up. Nothing stops them anymore. Velo did not want to think about the ones he had to defend himself against. The ones that were hacked and mutilated. Were they still somewhere, up and walking? What Velo was thinking was pretty far out. He often thinks, Does God still love me? Does God still care that I am surviving this mess? Is this how its supposed to end? Barely keeping it together while taking his prescription combination and now having nothing PLUS dealing with the Infected, these...things! Velo gets these hot feeling from panic just aching inside him at times but does not let it show. Years of hiding his emotions(way before all this) has really come in handy. If they knew, they might consider him a burden. Might leave him somewhere. Maybe. God, his blood feels like its on fire.

* * *

My homicidal rage can't be contained. I tear through anything in my path to find him. Have mercy on his soul when I reach him. Dear God.

* * *

"You don't look so hot." Tina commented on Velo’s pale, sweaty face. He looked on the verge of passing out or puking or doing both. Probably felt like doing both. 

"Heck yeah I'm like burning up over here."

It was daytime and hot. So they were all hot and sweating. Velo was convinced Texas got its climate conditions from the Devil, because it was hot as Hell. They were in the middle of nowhere, so the possibility of the Infected attacking was slim to none, but they still kept their guard up. 

"We'll break here," Dan replied.

"Maybe for the night, you might have a touch of heatstroke."

Dan was pulling at Velo’s eye lids and having him open his mouth.

"My blood. On fire." Was all he uttered before he was the ground coming at him at high speed.

* * *

A few Infected clustered up ahead. Their frenzied state indicated bait was near. I wasn't going to linger. Some of their instincts were still developing. Mine were like nothing around here. I am sure.

* * *

"Is he ok?"

"Is he alive? What are we going to do?"

Velo heard them talking about him, so he figured he must not be dead, yet. He slowly started hearing more clearly. Their voices were less tunneled.

"You feel warm. Are you running a fever?"

Dan placed the back of his hand to Velo’s forehead and then to his cheeks. He was to weak to comeback with a snappy remark.

"You'd better just relax and not worry about patrol. We can handle anything that happens out here. It's not so bad in the open." That's when all hell broke loose.

* * *

Unreal excitement rushing streaming through me. I sensed his presence stronger than any other, ever! But I knew there were others guarding him. There was even another stronger than him, no, not just one but two. One here from Earth with an energy signature than caused the hunger ache in me to twist like a vise. Then I sensed the Protector. I wanted to shriek. I was unsure if this human body could sustain a battle between the Pristack and what I'd become. I tried reaching the Infected nearest me. We were able to do this but my chemical alteration seemed to allow for stronger signal adaptation. I was able to relay messages specifically not just sensory vibrations for us to locate one another. As I approached the small group before me I had to calm myself and their attention span, it was like that of a rabid dog. I had communicated quickly somehow, what we will do. It has to be. They cannot survive.

* * *

When Velo heard to first gunshots there were screams and shouting soon after. He stayed put. He was unarmed and had no clue was what happening beyond his line of sight. He knew sooner or later they'd find him anyway. Oh man. Oh God.

* * *

Can the inhuman feel joy? Or the simple pleasure beyond a shimmering rage that's been festering? Well I don't know. I can barely contain my urge to growl and grunt as I race towards him. I can hear my own skin humming the vibrations are so strong, the heat coming from him is like the sun. He is he Sun of the Survivors. I feel his life-force draw me. The first bite on impulse was something I never imagined I was capable of, even though I have attacked before. It's like I needed his energy signature so badly. He didn't fight or struggle. I looked him in his eyes, and then I felt it. For the first time in 28 weeks, I felt like my old self, then slowly my life faded.

* * *

Velo seeing his sister again was another moment in his new life. He heard her saying he is the Son of the Survivors. Whatever that means. How it happened that she found him and how the Infected attacked them in the open, in broad daylight he could not quite grasp. If he is Infected then his is the Surviving Infected, it's been 28 months. 2 years and 4 months, and he is still in existence. Things sure have changed and so has he. Son of the Survivors. SOS. Son. Velo learned the truth about Preston (Pristack) he learned about the Eaters of All and while most have been hunted and killed something in their atmosphere and their own genetic make-up keeps them alive, thriving, changing and getting stronger. Pristack believes Y'limpis Ele will send more Eaters to Earth everyday but the ones coming won't need their bodies to live. Pristack derived a serum from Velo’s blood and used it to make an antidote after it looked like the infection wasn't going to affect him.

The community was banded together as fighters. They all had trades and skills. The 7 months the Infected tore through society but didn't break their spirit. Those formerly Infected remember their time, some want to forget. The last 2 years, 4 months nothing has happened. No new outbreaks no more Infected have been found. Pristack called more Protectors in and found out that things are getting worse in the Realm of Ele, not better, as he had hoped. There is a new generation of Protectors to fight what has come out of the depths of time and will be coming to Earth soon. Pristack told us that Y'limpis Ele's infected energy was the cause of the last infection and is not sure what is to come but be prepared. 

* * *

COMM LINK 574-87-9786 to Earth data stream may be corrupted please wait until line is secure….

Secured line from A.R.C to Pristack Earth stationed vessel : We have granted permission for Protectors of Depth 3 of the Realm of Ele to proceed to Earth in order to defend Earth and it's people. Seeing how our infected energies have reached this planet and yet she survived one attack. I am sending a group of 5 Derdune. The 6 of you should be able to protect the humans. I am sending you the information necessary to complete your mission. Transmission ended. 

Pristack opened the file and began to read:

The Eaters of All have a new breed. We call them Ghost Winds. They imitate living things by passing through them and leaving nothing behind an imitation. Then there is an exact visual copy remaining. The way to knowing Ghost Wind copies from other living things is they rabid attraction to energy signatures. They attack usually in groups or pairs. We believe this is to strengthen their energy as they travel in energy dense clouds from place to place. The protection we have found is that they cannot pass through certain materials and dense buildings such as those reinforced to be protected from bombings and such. Their copies however are just as capable of f fooling humans. The are perfect copies or animal or whatever form they take. Prepare your lands by building shelters with reinforced walls and we've sent fabrics with the Derdune to create suits for the humans to be protected while out in the open, but they will not arrive for some time. The Ghost Winds however are approaching quite rapidly. The only weapons we've seem to be able to use against them are drawing them to a negative energy source, trapping them and over stimulating their impulse. They are drawn to energy signatures just like the Eaters but they are not visible to the naked eye. Even our enhanced vision or the vision of Derdune have a hard time tracking them. We've specialized their weaponry and gear and sent along more suits in case you think some of the humans would be helpful in the fight. There is that young man you told us about and sent samples of his blood to us. He resisted an energy infection from Y'limpis Ele. SOS you call him. He interests us. He will have to be examined much closer. Soon. End of file.

Written by Daalmonette1980
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