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"Welcome to an adventure of a lifetime."

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A boy wakes up in a hospital bed next to his father. A doctor walks into the room to deliver the news.

Doctor: Hello and welcome to-

Son: Doc, give it to me straight.

Doctor: Well son, there’s no easy way to put this but-

Son: Doc! How long do I have to live?

Doctor: A week

Son: A week! That’s not enough time to live. I’m gonna die young. I’m gonna die young. [Son whining]

Father: Oh would you stop with the whining, you are being dramatic. One week is a long lifespan considering the fact that you are a fly…


DAY 1: I was born a maggot, and I hate how I look. The doctor’s told me not to worry much, I would soon change. I look at the date before I sleep for the first time. It’s ‘Fly-day the 13th.’

DAY 2: Got kicked out of home because I’m old enough. It’s rough out here for a fly. I have to jump out and fly for the first time, I hope I can make it.

DAY 3: Found a better place, moved in with most of my siblings. There’s plenty of food here, the aroma of it all is especially pleasing. My favorite is that thick peanut butter jelly over there.

DAY 4: I played my first game of tag today, I had so much fun. It started when one of my brother’s jumped on my back and I had to chase him all day. Right now I’m so tired, I feel so heavy, I just wanna sleep-

DAY 5: OMG, I’m pregnant. OMG I just gave birth. OMG, I’m a female? So hard to tell because we all look the same. I’m not even sure if I’m a teen and pregnant. I seem to have curves in all the right places, I guess I’m old enough. And wow, look at how beautiful my babies look. I promise to care for them longer than my parents did me.

DAY 6: [SOBBING]. My babies!!! God no, not my babies!

It started with absolute darkness. But I could sense the forces of evil dancing as they moved in silence. It happened so fast. First, there was a giant eye that could rotate at any angle rapidly. Then long pink tongues that shot out and pulled everything. They were like shadow-dragons that shot out a pink-tongued-flame instead of fire, chameleons they were called. I flew out first since I was the most alert. I watched as my kids, the ones that could fly get trapped in the web of tongues. My unborn babies and the small ones too young to fly all fell in the water and drown.

DAY7: lone survivor, I feel like Will Smith in that ‘I am legend’ movie. So much pain, agony and loss. I swear nobody has had a worse week than I had. My back is aching and my wings are barely holding. I think old age has gotten the better of me. I have no family, I have nobody. I have lost the will to live but I hope I make it through the night. Everything is dark, I’m so scared-

DAY 8: OMG, I made it through the week, am like a 100 right now. I can’t move so much now, I’m not as quick as I used to be. I’m so old and fragile. I make myself comfortable as I await death anytime now. The final sun has risen far earlier than expected. What’s that smell? It’s coming from the humanoids. With nothing left to lose, I’m not afraid to travel there. I struggle hard, barely making the journey when suddenly I see the bright light. The light is so beautiful, so bright, and so blue, it dances to me. Suddenly I am attracted, I am drawn to the light. Heaven never looked so beautiful. I see my babies dancing and waving to me. I see my parents and siblings all reunited again. As I draw closer and closer to them, I can feel my eyes tear up, all hundred of them. Almost there now, I can-

*LOUD ZAP SOUND*….. It’s all over.




Written by anthonychansa
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