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These are my se7en deadly sins

LAST Friday night, I put my PRIDE aside, And embarked on a 7-day GLUTEN-free diet, For improvement of lifestyle, I hoped and sheepishly AGREED, I went to the mirror and shaved my beard to change my SLOTHFUL look, Now full of confidence and optimism, I ENV...

It takes time and patience, To cure my toxic ways, My awareness and presence, Needed now almost always, Live to die a little, I die every day Ask me how I am doing, I would lie in every way Hero of my own story? But who are the villains? Wear a cap every...

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Backwards (Part 1)

Adjusting the clock backwards

Backwards.. I start from the night Sleep walking from the fridge, backwards… Back in bed, in the blankets I sleep eight hours back, I’m setting my alarm Shower Shower before I sleep right? Looking at the floor, blood stains dissolving, what the fuck happe...