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Desire of the Samurai Chapter 3

Chapter Three


Aikasa’s eyes had gone wide as she processed the information Kenji just blurted out at her. She just remained there standing while staring at him.

“Aren’t you happy? We are finally getting married…” Kenji asked her softly.

He stepped closer and reached for Aikasa, but she immediately stepped back and glared at him.

“You can’t do this to me…” she whispered, her voice shaking.

Aikasa’s eyes started to well up as she tried to stop her tears from falling. The emotions were very strong and Kenji couldn’t stand looking at it. He didn’t know why she was acting that way.

With scrunched eyebrows, he asked, “W-why? I thought you want this? I thought you love me...”

He looked her in the eyes longer than necessary. Aikasa’s expression softened and she stepped forward. She put her hands at the back of his head and tugged him down towards her as she placed his forehead against hers.

“I love you, Kenji. Still and always will, but not now please…” she whispered, eyes closed.

“Alright…” Sighing, Kenji closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her waist tightly. He kissed her forehead and hugged her.

They stayed like that for a while feeling each other's heartbeat. They made their way to the swing and lay there together. He hugged her, watching the moonlight as it illuminated the dark cold night.

He really missed her. After long weeks of training, he was very happy that Aikasa was in his arms again. He didn’t know what was messing with her mind right then and the worst was she won’t even tell him a thing, but he understood. He had to, even if he was dying inside to know. He would give her all the time she needed even if it meant waiting for her forever. After all, Kenji loved her.


Aikasa woke up to the sound of wind and water slapping her window.

It’s raining.

She snuggled further into the warmth of her blanket. She was already wide awake but didn’t have any plans of getting up anytime soon. On days like these, she really loved to spend most of her morning snuggling. She didn’t have any idea why. All she knew was that it gave her a sense of calmness and comfort.

Last night was wonderful, full of questions but nevertheless wonderful. She knew that Kenji was starting to have doubts that there was something she was not telling him but didn’t press forward.

She missed him. God knows she really did. The feeling of him, lying against her on the swing last night made Aikasa’s stomach flutter and her cheeks warmed. After all these years, she was still affected by his presence.

To say that she wasn’t happy about the news Kenji blurted out last night would be a total lie. She was very happy but the thought of having to choose between what she desired and the life she needed to have with him in a holy union caused a sharp pain in her heart. She was torn between the man she loved with all her heart and her most long-awaited dream. Suddenly feeling down, Aikasa forced herself to get up and fixed herself.

She found her way to their little pantry with freshly baked bread and tea in her mind. Since the weather caused her to shiver and feel cold, she planned to make some for all of them. Just the thought of it made her stomach grumble.

She prepared all the materials and ingredients. She then mixed them into the mixing bowl and stirred it thoroughly to make it even. She massaged the dough and cut it evenly. She waited for some time to make the dough rise before putting it into the oven and finally setting it.

While waiting, Aikasa prepared the tea and fried some sunny-side-up eggs. She sliced the butter and put it into a small plate. Upon preparing, she heard the voices of her brothers. Clearly they were heading toward the kitchen.

Ohayou-!” Akihiro cheerfully greeted.

“Hmm… that smells good! Did you bake some bread?” Ryonusuke asked while sniffing the air.

“Yes, I did,” Aikasa answered with a smile.

After some time, she heard the ‘ding’ of their oven signaling that the bread was ready. She headed to the kitchen and started getting the tray out of the oven. She placed it into the counter to cool it off. While reaching for the basket for the bread, she heard her brothers talking.

“Aoki, where were you last night? Lord Masato and Kenji came here to request the hand of Aikasa for marriage. I was really shocked then,” Ryonusuke said.

“I was with Kaoru. She wanted to see me before she leaves. She’s also studying out of the country. So what about it? What was Otou-sama’s decision?” Aoki inquired.

“What’s with these women studying overseas and leaving these days? Seriously, I don’t get it. Anyway, Otou-sama hasn’t decided yet. He said tying our family through marriage would be a good start for strengthening the blood lineage of the descendants of the Samurai but he also said that the decision was still up to Aikasa.”

“Is that so? Well, we all know that Aikasa will be leaving very soon so there will be no wedding. I pity Kenji for that,” Aoki stated with a sigh.

“That, and we shouldn’t forget the tradition the Yamato household has. They are strict when it comes to following it. When a girl would be married into their family, she’s really done. She must act how a girl in the Samurai clan acts. I heard that Lord Masato was obviously against the plan of Aikasa leaving the town for the purpose of pursuing her dreams. You know how the Yamato's are. They are also against the thought of women attaining high education. To them, women must stay at home at all times, tending to the needs of the family, and become a good wife,” Ryonosuke said.

Aikasa bit her lower lip. With the guiltiness that was plaguing her mind she proceeded to transfer the bread onto the basket when Akihiro piped into the conversation.

“Well, I would not argue with you on that. And I pity Kenji too. I know those two love each other so much. I can see it by the way they look at each other but don’t you think it’s still early for that? I mean, yes, Kenji was the sole heir of the Yamato family and there’s no doubt that our sister will be in good hands but Aikasa is still young. You all know our sister, dear brothers. She won’t stop until she’d reached her dreams. She’s a dreamer. A persistent dreamer,” Akihiro stated.

“You’re right,” Ryonusuke and Aoki agreed with a nod.

Aikasa was shocked and at the same time grateful for her brothers right then. She knew they would always be protective of her. Not to mention that she was their only girl sibling. She did know that they loved and treasured her just as she treasured them wholeheartedly. She just didn’t expect that their love and care for her was that strong and passionate. Her heart swelled with love and pride knowing that they only want what’s best for her and she loved them more for that. Putting on a big smile, Aikasa made her presence known.

“The bread is ready! Here, help me carry this to the table at the dining room. Otou-sama is probably waiting for his tea,” she said while flashing them her sweetest smile. They smiled back at her.

“Sure thing little Aiky.”


After the silent breakfast, Aikasa did all the house chores since her Okaa-sama was not feeling well. She made sure that every corner of their house was dustless and spotless. When it came to cleanliness, her family was very conscious.

As soon as she was done cleaning, she strode on to her bathroom and took a long, warm shower. She dried herself and slid into a baggy sweater and pants. She then wore her knee-length socks and let her hair down.

Since it was still raining outside, and she didn’t know why since it was spring, she started putting some of the things she would be needing when she left inside the box. After that, she collapsed on her bed face first and drifted off to sleep.

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