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Marriage Stories


Thought Control

Can I really say what I feel?

My country used to be a placewhere one would not be tossed from gracebecause they didn’t hold some point of view. Where free speech was the cherished thingbecause it does make freedom ring!A fact that young and old both praised and knew. But now we monito...


I lie face-up to feel the coolness of the room touch my skin; much as a lover’s hand might do. There’s a whisper of an air current that walks its fingertips of a breeze down my chest and across my nipple until it teases hairs on my manhood. The fingertips...


The best and the last love in your entire life

Love means: You are not finding a suitable person. You be the suitable person made of love.

A very distracted man has a talk with Buddha in a temple one late night. He, ‘Enlightened Buddha, I’m a married man, but I’m frantically falling in love with another woman now. I really don’t know what to do!’ Buddha, ‘Are you sure that woman who you are...


How beautiful you look today! Your hair just so and tucked away. Your face is beaming, your smile is bright, Is it because of something we shared last night?   How beautiful you look today! You glide just so and you sway. Your touch is loving, Your kiss i...

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Breakfast is a cookin’ and the bacon sure smells good, Mama’s hummin to the radio and a tappin’ her foot, Daddy’s smilin’ this morning and tickling little brother, Why is this day different than all the others?   A little giggle sits upon the tip of my to...

Desire of the Samurai Prologue

Her desire could be the only thing that will destroy all that she loves.

Standing in front of Principal Ozawa’s office door made her feel shivers all over her body. She does not know the reason why she was being called, but Tachibana-sensei told her it was something important. Thus, here she was. She knocked several times and...

In hindsight, there was an inevitabilityTo the tragedy that unfolded that day,And no doubt that responsibility lay,With the magnate’s conceited pride,In proposing a match of such unsuitabilityJust to restore the company’s image,Regardless of the feelings...

Barely visible in the inky gloom,The cold bodies of the young lovers lay,Just a glimmer of pale flesh in the dark,The watery fastness their woeful tomb.Unmoved by the sun’s warming ray,Never again would they rise with the larkAnd in the meadows laugh and...


1 “Oh Carl, you can’t expect me to believe that someone stole your pants at the gym, can you?” Carol asked. There was no heat in her voice, yet, which surprised and momentarily pleased her.“My left sock, too,” he lifted his bare foot and waved it toward h...

Now and Forever

"Damn you," I spat out, "You promised me forever. What happened to our forever?"

I sat leaning against the stone pillar of the decades-old bridge, watching as the sun began to rise over the horizon, my legs dangling over the edge, my hand resting on the recently installed railing.No traffic would cross the bridge coming into the quiet...