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Over 90 days ago


A Japanese and Filipino descent.

I am not a good speaker that's why I express my thoughts, feelings, ideas and myself through writing.

A graduate of Master of Arts in Education major in Guidance and Counseling (Finally!).

I accidentally saw this page and was curious so I signed up and amazed on what I saw. Whenever I write, I pour my heart out on it. It's like I am being possessed by some intense feeling and couldn't break free.

Writing is one of my passions.

I love to paint, draw and play instruments. I play guitar, violin and piano. When I was a kid, I really love to be a musician but circumstances forbid me from pursuing it so I diverted my attention on teaching learners from rural areas. I love to expose them on some activities that I know they would never be able to experience. I love showing them the world. I love nature and travelling.

Favorite Books
The Boleyn Inheritance, Shadow Dance, For the Roses, Murder List, Love awaits, Hold Tight, Sleeping Beauty, e.t.c.

Favorite Authors
There are too many to mention but one of them is Julie Garwood.

Favorite Movies
47 RONIN, The Little Rascals, Queen Elizabeth, Dracula, Lord of the Rings, Rurouni Kenshin, The Pirates, e.t.c.

Favorite TV Shows
Run! BTS, Bangtan Bomb, Rookie King, Produce 101

Favorite Music
Classics, Acoustic, Alternative Rock and even Hardcore. It really depends on my mood.
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