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Against the Odds

Tags: love, betrayal

She didn't mean to lie. Not to him; not to anybody. Yet, despite her efforts the truth was never an option to speak out loud. She loved him. That was the only truth worth mentioning, the only thing that had ever mattered in her life.

Tears clouded her vision, letting memory lead her to her destination. In her head, she replayed the scene over and over again. She was sent out on a job by her father. One target, an officer, who had gotten close to discovering the Mafia ringleaders. Her father, her uncle, and herself; together they ruled the city using fear and intimidation to insure obedience in its citizens.

Just another man who tried to be the hero. Just another fool who thought the Mafia was no match for him. Just another human being that would be dragged out of the building in a body bag, and carelessly tossed into the river outside the city. One shot away from the cruel and dark fate, and she had it in the palm of her hand.

She breathed in shallow breaths as to not give her position away as the footsteps echoed closer. Her grip tightened on the gun and her fingers itched to get the job done and over with. Then she could get back to prepare for her date. She rounded the corner, her gun ready in hand. One shot will end it, one shot was all she needed.

The girl fell to her knees. The roots were thick and carefully concealed by the fallen leaves. She wiped her eyes to see the bulky trunks of the trees that surrounded her. She looked at the direction she had came from and saw far in the distance a blur of lights from the city. She was nearly halfway there. She stood up and began to navigate around the trees.

She once took him out here on a picnic, one of their first dates. They laughed as they struggled to find the perfect spot, staggering over roots and rocks. The sky was a deep blue that day and the trees were green with millions of leaves. She needed a day away from her father and he needed a day off of work.

Birds chirped loudly, their wings fluttering in the air. They could go anywhere they want without feeling an obligation to stay. The birds have choice, which is more than what they had.

She smiled, not letting the dark shadows of her life ruin this carefree moment. He was here with her and everything was perfect.

They walked for hours, their feet starting to feel sore and their legs ached. Nothing seemed to be a good place and the sun was beginning to set. He sighed ready to call it a day and turn back. Only then did they realize how lost they were. She claimed they went in one direction, while he distinctly remember coming from another. In the midst of wandering around aimlessly, searching for anything familiar; they stumbled upon a small clearing right along side a cliff.

It dropped right into the rocky shores of the ocean. Its black murky waters reflecting the brilliant shades of reds, oranges, and golds of the sky. She stood there amazed by the sight as he set up the picnic. He popped open a bottle of wine and poured it into two glasses. He handed one to her and smiled.

Tears welled up as the burden on her heart intensified. The moment was perfect and beautiful, not a place where she belonged. They tipped the glasses against each other with a small clang and drank to their love. Together they sat and watched the sun descend, leaning closer and scooting as close as they possibly could.

That moment was over now and will never come again. The young and naive eventually see the real world and mature over time. A fate which is inevitable, no matter how hard someone tries to stop it.

She fell again, this time into a thicket of Thorns. They ensnared her in their caress, tugging on her clothes and her skin as she struggled to escape. She broke free at the cost of several gashes on her arms and holes torn in her clothes.

She met someone special, someone who liked her; not because her father scared him into it, but on his own accord. She wanted to end it all one day. She was tired of being alone and decided when crossing a busy intersection, to stop. No one would miss her, nobody cared. She was just another face on a stranger. There, but not apart of the world. The car sped towards her at an alarming speed, a blur of red outlined by the grey city walls.

She closed her eyes waiting for the impact, she doubted she would feel anything; the impact would kill her instantly. She heard someone shout and felt something crash into her side. She wasn't anticipating the car to hit her in that direction. She was tackled to the floor and she looked up in shock that she wasn't dead. In fact, she was the opposite of dead; somebody had saved her. She stared directly into the forest green eyes of the man who saved her. She saw his lips moving, but in her dazed state, she couldn't make out the words.

She wondered briefly if he regretted that decision to save her now. She wouldn't blame him if he did, she would if she was in that position. She was cruel and heartless like that, undeserving of his soft-hearted kindness that he had shown her.

She found the clearing by the cliff and paused. She turned around to the darkness she emerged from. The note was written and he was sure to have read it by now. She told him where she had gone and said not to come if he no longer loved her. Now that he knew, nothing was certain anymore.

She sat down by the trees, her heart just about to burst out of her chest from fear and anguish. She had until sunrise to hope.

She stared into those deep forest green eyes she adored so much, with fear and disbelief. Of all the cops and officers in the whole city it had to be this one; the one she loved. His face mirrored hers as he stared into her eyes. Only his expression changed into a hard, cold, and distant one. He saw the gun in her hand and saw it was directed at him.

He gave a breathless laugh. "So this is where we truly stand." He shook his head in pity.

Tears flowed out of her eyes as she dropped the gun. It landed with a harsh clatter between them. She covered her mouth with her hands, horrified she was about to shoot him like any other, and was comfortable with it as long as she got back to him at their date.

She was disgusted with herself and ran away before he could say anything more. She couldn't bear to hear the words she knew he would say.

"I can never love a vial, vicious creature like you," and, "how could you be so cruel as to murder all those people and stand here in front of my face and tell me you're an innocent girl." Nothing could fix the situation, the damage was done at the start, before there was even a relationship.

There was nothing to do now but wallow in self pity and sulk over what may have been different. She was a murderer from the day she was born. She claimed her mother's life for her own, nothing gets more selfish and dirty then that. Her father raised her to kill, making sure she knew how to stop a man's heart before she turned six.
A light peeked out at her from beyond the cliff. The sunrise has started and her time was up. He never came and there was no denying it was for the better. He will find a girl one day that is too harmless to swat a bug in the bathroom. She'll be sweet and love him everyday and give him everything he could dream of.

The tears had stopped and the salty saturated wind blew into her face. She crept closer to the ledge her body numb from the pain she felt brewing within her chest. She stopped with her toes hanging off. She basked in the full glory of the colors of morning. The vivid reds and pinks blending with the dark purples and blues, it looked as if the sun rose only to cast of the shadows of night and the evil contained within. It rose everyday, yet right now it was like it was a brand new sun to her, so pure, so lovely. Enlightened by her resolution, she wanted to cleanse her soul and be pure enough to stand beside her love again, just like the sun before her.

"My name is Rullet. I'm am the only daughter of the Mafia boss, Mearo. I am a liar and a killer. I love a man I don't deserve and I beg forgiveness for all the wrongs in my life." She confessed to the sun and sea.

The black waters reflected to sky and looked as if it were fire instead of water. The waves crashed brutally into the rocks below. It was a fire to consume her and burn away all the pain and evil in her heart. It waited for her to jump and be engulfed in its flaming embrace.

She didn't shed another tear and prayed that instead of falling into water or fire, she would fall into her lover's arms and they would live happily together. She shook the thought out of her head, it didn't matter anymore, she made a choice and she intends to keep it. There will be no more Rullet in the world for she had done enough. Someone else will rise in her stead and the world will keep on turning. .

She looked down in the water and thought of the last time she stood at the threshold of the other side and wondered if there will be someone to save her. She laughed and in the wind she heard the words the man had said to her.

"Pardon me, miss. But I find it hard to believe that a beautiful girl, such as yourself, has any reason to toss her life away." She smiled as a warm feeling filled her heart.

"I will always love you, and that is the truth."

She released herself from the world she had known.

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