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The Healer's Spirit

On a quest to free her mother’s spirit from a wicked pact, Tana faces a final confrontation with her past.

The Princess’ Grief Princess Artanna of Tan Kolar watched her mother sink to the ground and lie still. Litanus, the acolyte of her father who had done the deed, released the garotte from around the woman’s neck. He knelt and confirmed that she was dead. T...

Fuel Season 3: Episode 19 – The Millionaire Affair

After the shocking events of Love 'n War, Savana and Thawn begin to make massive waves.

14th of February – Season 3 As Savana sat at the back of the black BMW 320d, she wondered if she wasn't overdressed. She managed a smile thinking about the irony compared to what she was thinking on her first night on Fuel. Savana looked over at the man w...

At night I weep with heart's despair, Is there no one for me? To share thy life, mine evening prayer, One last first kiss by thee. Behold, sweet Patience doth surprise, Oh my, thou look my way; Thine eyes they linger, passions rise, Prayers answered on th...

Shot Through The Heart

Does the mysterious lady hold the key to cheating destiny?

At first I barely felt the bullet pierce the low-slung cocktail dress and enter my heart. It seemed impossible to consider death real, despite the warning minutes earlier from the mysterious lady with the black eye shadow alongside me. I always thought I'...

Fuel Season 3: Episode 11 – Rivals and Crushes

As his personal life comes to life in the public light, JVZ looks to his zen for guidance.

15th of November – Season 3 "Juan, where are we going?" Juan can Zonder looked at his companion The eighteen-year-old Teresa Koek had a worried look on her face but he knew that there was an excitement building in her as he led her up the mountain. "You'l...

Lonesome Cafe

Without you, I'm so alone.

The morning is cold. My heart left empty, yet still full of love, so full of love for you. I sit here now alone, with my heart in pain, yet so full of love for you. My fingers tremble and wrap the only thing I feel, this cold cup of coffee, and a heart fu...

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Carpe Diem

How much do you really know about our myths and legends?

Dear Reader, Nobody believed our story. But the events I relate to you below really happened. It may seem fantastic, but they do say that truth is always stranger than fiction. You can make up your own mind — I only want to set the record straight before...

One, Two, Three

When you have a crush

One, two, three, When I close my eyes, it's you I see A smile that warms my heart I wish you to be my fresh start One, two, three When I'm alone, I think of thee The sweetness of your laughA future, I hope we craft One, two, threeLet us lay beneath a peac...

She calls me her laureate in my dreamsAlthough distant, I feel her pulseAs I whisper a prayer of evergreensWith a tear dripping from the candlelightLike a star of emerald from her beautiful eyesGlowing like a halo of harps and strings.She calls me her lau...

I don’t know when I lost her. She held on as long as she could. I was aloof. Careless. I loved her. I just never showed her how much. Now I can’t. She has flown away forever. I saw caterpillars. She saw butterflies.

Whispering, it was the age of reasoning, but who was I deceivingAlone without a prayer, a hymnal, or song to singAs I stumbled to the microwave to heat last night's coffeeOn this Monday morning before the dawn falls the dew I'd been a fool with my profane...

With the heart of darkness, my vaccine  a soft touch of gossamer wingsof a silent cello stringslike fingers of my midnight hostusing Montessori for love  from my poetry's tureen  with the heart of darkness, my vaccine.

With a long breath goodbyeroses of forget-me-notssweet for fingertipscounting the petalsof ivory keyslistening to Gershwin'sRhapsody in Bluepainting the midnight skywith a long breath goodbye...