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Betrayal Stories


The Island Of Death

Are we friends now?

When I was younger, my father called me his little nest—his little heir. My earliest memories were of him holding me close, like he couldn't bear me being too far away, like I was the lightning rod that kept him grounded in the middle of a thunderstorm. H...


It’s Not My Betrayal

Karma can be slow, but I’m as patient as I am petty.

I don’t understand how you sleep How your heart doesn’t pound out of your chestHow your palms don’t sweat While your fingertips clutch at nothing.  I don’t understand how your throatIsn’t a barren desertHow your barbed tongue forms wordsWhen it should cru...

Heart-Break City – A Fuel Story

It's Valentines Day and while love is in the air, heart break is in the water. Who will drink it...?

12th of February – Season 2 By the time the sun started to rise and throw light through the curtains, Lorrain January had been up for hours already. She hadn’t been able to sleep a wink and she knew why. It was the guilt. It didn’t help at all that she wa...

Desire of the Samurai Chapter 2

Marriage was the last thing on her mind. Marriage was what he thought of all the time.

While having breakfast, no one dared to speak. It was always practiced in the Sakuraba household. At a young age, the Sakuraba children were taught to have proper etiquette. Apparently, their ancestors practiced discipline at all times. After their quiet...


Things are not always as they appear

    Lifting the receiver she dials, waiting as each ring seems to take an eternity, then he answers. "He doesn't suspect a thing. I promise." "But he seems to look at me like he knows. I keep waiting for him to say something." "Don't lose control, he has...

Hashtag, Me Too

This is for all the silent survivors

She hides in plain sightA hint of melancholy on her faceOnce happy and free She is now lost in the prison she's made in her mindWalls she has built with steel and stoneShe makes jokes and laughsInside she is dyingHer pain betrayed by a painted on smileSha...

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Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 22

Sive stuck her head out the open panel with stun gun in hand and shot Darla.

Smithe fell to the floor, suddenly going limp. Darla's breathing started to slow. Blinking in puzzelment, she stared at his still form. "After all that time wanting me, is that all there is?" She thought to herself as she bent over the unconscious man. Sh...

The girl on the train

He got more than a kiss on the train to Berlin.

1904I can't see with this blindfold.It wasn't me.It must have been the girl!She did this.I met her on the train from Paris to Berlin.We talked.She smiled.She kissed me.She must have put it in my camera bag!“I'll see you in Berlin.”She left the compartment...

Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 20

Sive lifted her chin as she gazed up at Murdock, with snarl she replied “Treacherous scum!”

In the Captain's quarters, Sive continued to poke around the Captain's things thinking, “Yes, very nice quarters Captain. Too bad I can't hide here until we docked at some planet where I could slip away.” Sive ordered herself a cup of java with lots of cr...