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Losing North - F***ing Celebrate! (Chapter VII)

"7th Chapter of my in-development novel, Losing North... Have fun ;)"

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“To a prosperous career!” Charlie said, raising his glass.


“Jesus, Charlie. Can you be more cliché?” Adam answered smiling while raising his glass for the toast. “A better toast, then… To Page, who was lovely enough to get me this job” Adam said, blinking at her.


Thomas and Page raised their glasses too, “Cheers!” They all said.


“Now, can we please order some real food? As much as I wished I could be fuelled by wine I do need some meat.” Adam asked as his stomach howled.


“Sure, we should.” Thomas said, calling the waiter over.


Having ordered, Adam kept their chat going on. “So, Thomas… where abouts in England are you from?” He asked, just before taking another sip of wine.


“Hum…” Thomas hummed, making sure Adam waited for him to finish his drink. “Manchester. Beautiful place, mate.”


“Oh!” Adam shouted, grabbing the attention from a couple of other customers. “City or United?” He asked, stating his interest for sports.


Thomas laughed a bit, “United, of course.” He replied after a bit.


Adam pointed at Thomas and laughed. “Wise man! Do you watch soccer much?”


“No, just lots of football.” Thomas answered, giggling.


“Smart ass.” Adam replied. Just before their food arrived. Adam’s beef looked juicy and smelled wonderful. Just the sight of it gave Adam a watery mouth.


Everyone gave a bite to their food before continuing the talk. “Charlie. What do you work with?” Page asked to the semi-silent friend of Adam.


Charlie made sure he chewed well before answering Page. “I’m an accountant, just got a job at a big firm. Hopefully things are going to start getting better now.”


“That is great, Charlie!” Page exclaimed, “Do you like it?”


There was a gap between the question and the answer this time. Charlie was asking himself what Page had just asked him. “I guess there are good and bad days, but it pays the bills.” He finally answered.


“Awn, look at Charlie the grown up.” Adam said, with a tone of sarcasm followed by a giggle. Charlie just looked at Adam with a serious face, sometimes he would still get annoying at Adam’s asshole personality. “Thomas!” Adam shouted, now looking at the British man.


“Are you drunk?” Page asked, trying to understand why Adam was so happy, even though he had just got a new job.


“Not important!” Adam replied. “Do you have a girlfriend, fellow United fan?”


“I’m actually into the other genre.” Thomas replied, just before calling the waiter for another bottle of wine, which had just ran out.


“Oh god… There is two of you now…” Adam said, making Thomas confused. 


Charlie stepped into the conversation to clarify Adam’s comments. “I’m bi. He means there are two gay people in the group now.” He said, helping Thomas understand it now. “Asshole.” Charlie complemented.


“Maybe you two should date.” Adam commented, laughing out loud.


“Adam!” Page said, “Don’t be a douchebag.” And that was the moment his laughter died. Page bossed Adam and contrary to Adam’s reaction to everyone else, this time he obeyed.


“Alright. Alright.” He said.


Thomas changed the subject before things got even more awkward. “Have you talked to Julia yet?”


Adam looked down, staring at his own plate. “Not yet, I’m letting things cool down a bit…” He added then, “Probably going to play for her this weekend.”


The evening carried on. The bottles of wine kept coming. Adam counted three, or maybe four already. Lots of laughter and smiles were featured during dinner when finally a good, slow song was played on the dance floor. From above, Page observed everyone dancing close to each other just before telling Adam, “I love this song! You and me, on the dance floor. Right now!”


She hadn’t even asked, she just grabbed Adam by his hand and dragged him down to the dance floor. The slow song was playing to the dimmed ocean-blue lights. “Come on.” Page said, putting Adam’s hands around her waist.


The two got closer to each other, dancing as slow as the song. “I’m really grateful for everything you’ve done.” Adam whispered into Page’s ear.


She smiled, not that he could see it. “I’m glad.” Page said, before getting closer, tighter. “Maybe one day you can make it up to me.” She completed, with a smooth soothing sweet voice.


They kept dancing. It was as if time had stood still for the time Adam and Page were together. The song was now over, slowly Page loosened herself from Adam’s grip and started to walk away. Before she left the dance floor, Adam’s hand stopped Page and dragged her back to his grip. Before Page even noticed, she was being kissed by Adam. Her heart started rushing, her blood warmed up and everything just felt like heaven.


Time had finally stopped completely, there was no more before or after, just now. Once Adam’s lips let go of Page’s, he said, “I’ve been wishing to do this for too long.” Adam let go of Page and walked away, leaving her on the dance floor, processing what just happened with a smile on her face

Written by a_gabardo
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