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Over 90 days ago


I do love cyberpunk, it's my preferred genre in literature, and if there were less B-movies and more big cyberpunk productions, I would say that it is my main cinematic genre too, but unfortunately that ain't the case.
My biggest interest in life in general, would be the human need to be certain about humanity, always trying to decide if they are truly human, or the lack of real emotions has turned us into the machines we wish to build. That is always a good intellectual conversation topic.


Favorite Books
I,Robot (Isaac Asimov);
Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep? (Philip K. Dick);
The Hobbit (J. R. R. Tolkien)
Digital Fortress (Dan Brown)

Favorite Authors
Philip K. Dick & Isaac Asimov

Favorite Movies
Blade Runner;

Favorite TV Shows
Doctor Who;
Battlestar Galactica;
Humans (Everyone should watch this show);
Many, many more

Favorite Music
Some bands/artists:
Steve Vai (song: For the Love of God)
Buckethead (song: Soothsayer)
Hans Zimmer (Interstellar Soundtrack)
Ludovico Einaudi
Machine Head
Sepultura \o/
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 Heart-Shaped Pendulum                 There is so much in my mind right now, but the most conflicting part would be the memories, I guess. The memories of us. It cuts my heart, but at the same time, it warms my soul. I know I will remember every second o...

It's been a while now,For many moons, I've thought of you,But time is an ever changing tide,Washing away my memories, my sorrows, my vivid dreams.I try not to think much.Let me be.Dumbed down.Fitting around.But the worst days are when I do,When I think of...

Somedays I feel like diving,out to the ocean and into the cold,just let the waves take me,until I naturally float. My most morbid thoughts,are of getting old,it's a long hard life,and I don't want to be around that long. All the time I try to feel indiffe...