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Losing North - Serious Boredom (Chapter II)

"2nd Chapter (including Ch 0) of my novel Losing North"

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Days had passed since Adam’s encounter with Page, not that he had thought about it much. The days after were pretty much summed up by ‘drink, work, fuck, sleep and restart’. At this moment, Adam was at the sleep part of it. It was the middle of the afternoon and the sun was burning hot, with a few breezes keeping the weather a bit cooler than if windless.

Adam was sweating all over the couch as rays of light shone on his face. “Get the fuck up!” Charlie shouted, making Adam jump to the middle of the living room.

“What the fuck, Charlie?” He said, a little bit disoriented and with an excruciating headache.

“It’s the middle of a Sunday afternoon on a summer day in New York. Time to wake up motherfucker.” Charlie answered, turning the vacuum cleaner on and starting to clean the room’s floor.

Fuck, it’s too early for all this cleaning and noise shit.” Adam thought as he walked over to the kitchen, having to endure Charlie’s groans of discontent because of Adam’s dirt-spreading as he walked.

Adam made one of his best coffees ever, even a blind man would be able to identify it only by the smell. He sat down near the table, slowly drinking his hot beverage whilst watching Charlie clean every bit of the living room, both with the vacuum cleaner and a piece of cloth for the furniture. “Why the fuck are you cleaning on a Sunday afternoon? You said it yourself, summer in New York and all that bullshit, shouldn’t we be going out?” Adam asked, perplexed with all of his roommate’s perks.

Charlie stopped cleaning for a moment and sat down on the opposite side of the table. “No we shouldn’t be going out, you spastic retard. We both have to work tomorrow, remember?”

Thinking “That was a bit harsh.” Adam drank another sip of his coffee. The coffee was so hot it burned his throat on the way down, not that Adam cared as he was too hungover for that. “Oh yeah, I still have a job.” Adam replied sarcastically. “What is the problem with having some fun today and working tomorrow?”

There was some silence in the room while Charlie sighed, “Well, the problem of us having fun tonight is that just having fun isn’t enough for you, is it? You have to go fucking crazy, drink the city dry, smoke everything that can be smoked, take everything that can be taken and finish the night with a one night stand that you won’t even remember the morning after.”

Again Adam thought “That was harsh,” but this time he knew it was true, he had been living more than his body could live, having more ‘fun’ than anyone should have during a single night. “That is most certainly not true.” He answered, with a few words sounding funny because of his past intoxication effects. “I remember what happens between me and the girls, most of the times anyway.”

There was some eye-rolling on Charlie’s part before he finally answered. “Well, don’t you think it’s time to stop partying so much and finally get serious about life? You’re twenty-seven for Christ’s sake!”

That was the moment Adam finally thought “What the hell am I doing with my life?” and it took him less than five seconds to realize he didn’t give a fuck, thinking “Oh, screw that shit.” He carried on to answer Charlie after drinking a bit more of his coffee. “I think you’re overreacting here, Charlie. You seem to be in a bad mood today, my friend, what is wrong?”

“Oh my god! I’m so done with you already!” Charlie shouted getting up from his chair. “And take a bath, you’re stinking more than horse feces!” He said, walking to the living room as he carried on cleaning the house. “Ouch.” Adam thought out loud, before continuing to drink his coffee, which seemed apparently endless.

The bits of the day that were left went by relatively quickly while Adam did his morning ritual, which now would be more appropriately called a late-afternoon ritual. He took his bath as Charlie had suggested so well. Brushed his teeth, finally getting rid of the alcohol breath and also put on clean clothes, which felt like something unusual already.

The moon had come to stay, the white rays of light dimly lit the skyline in contrast with the strong lighting of the streets. Even though Adam was dying in need of a party at that moment, he thought of what Charlie said and was sure his friend was right, leading him to stay home watching a boring old western movie.

“I’ll be damned! I thought you’d be gone already!” Charlie said in surprise as he entered the living room. He sat down near Adam on the sofa and literally watched two seconds of the movie before saying, “Fuck, this shit is boring.”

“I know, but you wanted me to stay home didn’t you?” Adam replied, sarcastic as always. There was no answer, the only noise in the room being the cheesy lines said by the terrible actors. “Why are you being so hard on me today anyway?” Adam asked, getting a bit uncomfortable with the unusual amounts of lectures Charlie tried to give him this afternoon.

There was some silence in the room after Charlie muted the television. He sighed a bit before telling Adam, “I’m sorry about today, I’m just in a fucked up mood…” He took a break, having difficulty to say the next phrase, as if the words were stuck in his throat. “Lana and I broke up today.” Charlie said, finally making sense, as Adam thought.

“Sorry to hear that, bud…” He took a short pause, before giggling and saying, “She was a bitch anyway.” Charlie giggled too, confirming Adam’s affirmation. “Now I think we should definitely go out tonight, get all this shit out of your head and get you hooked up with a rebound fuck. What do you say?” Adam proposed, dying in need for Charlie to say yes.

Charlie answered nothing, just sitting there thinking.

“Well, I’m getting myself something to drink regardless of your answer.” Adam said, grabbing a cold beer from the fridge’s door and observing Charlie from the kitchen, still waiting for an answer.

“Oh, fuck my job! Let’s do it!” He shouted, getting up from the sofa and getting ready to go out.

Thank god!” Adam thought to himself.

The electronic music was so loud and so awful Adam almost wished he hadn’t come out but the cocaine he was snorting and the vodka in the VIP area were so good it made Adam’s night worth it.

“Having fun?” Charlie shouted even though he was by Adam’s side.

“Not as much as you!” Adam replied, observing the hot, sexy, tanned Latina sitting on Charlie’s lap and licking every bit of his body.

Adam looked up and enjoyed the high created by the cocaine and vodka combined. “Fuck, this feels so good.” He thought to himself.

The security let a beautiful girl go into the VIP area just because of her look, as they usually did and this time Adam was too carried away to actually notice what was going on.

The moment Adam noticed someone else was around was when the petite brunette said, “Hey! I was wondering when you’d call me!”

That was the exact moment Adam’s eyes opened wide, as he instantly recognized that sharp, high and penetrating voice. He looked down, catching sight of beautiful hazel eyes and working hard to remember that evening, that amazing and crazy evening he had with that same woman, also trying slightly too much to remember her name.

“It’s Page! In case you’re wondering.” She said, before Adam could actually remember her name.

“Yes! Yes! Of course!” He replied, as if he knew. “I’m…” He started saying, but was once more interrupted by the girl.

“Yes, I know, Adam!”

There was some silence, which wasn’t really silence, just the absence of words in the mix of drugs and loud music. While the two had the awkward conversation Charlie was in another world as he got one of the best blowjobs he ever had.

“I thought you would try to see me again!” Page shouted, smiling as she said it.

“Well, I didn’t have your number. Or your last name to be honest.” Adam replied.

She laughed, had a drink directly from the vodka bottle then answered Adam. “You know where I live!” There was no escaping now, Adam thought. He would have to tell her that he was more interested in fucking her once than knowing her ‘true self’.

“Well, see, I thought what we had was more of a one night stand!” He shouted. Page’s facial expression didn’t change one bit, as if she already knew that.

“Yes, yes. I’m sure it was.” She replied. “I still need a lead guitar though.” Page added after the first phrase, remembering Adam of her offer to play in the band.

He laughed loudly, probably more from the high he was on than from what Page said. “Do you want me in your band that badly that you somehow tracked me down here?” He asked Page.

She giggled a bit, finding it funny the way Adam was behaving. “You’re like a big, happy baby right now, you know that?” She said, receiving only a laugh as answer. “Well, anyway, I really do need a guitar player, I think you’d be good for the role.” She stopped messing around and finally said what she needed to.

Adam stayed silent for a while, enjoying his high. “Alright!” He shouted, getting up from the black-leather couch in the VIP’s room. He took Page by her hand and grabbed her by her waist as soon as she got up. Adam held Page close to him, almost as if he were to kiss her just before abruptly letting her go and climbing on the table. “So we shall talk soon!” He threw his phone to her arms, giving her the opportunity to quickly react and grab the phone mid-air, just as she did. “Write your number in there and I’ll call you if I actually remember this night!” He shouted.

Page wrote her digits on Adam’s phone and left the VIP’s room with a smile and a slight wish that Adam had kissed her. After that, Adam and Charlie partied until the night started to fade. So many drugs and alcohol besides all the weird sexual stuff they had done left both of them dried out and so tired that they couldn’t even go home, making the two sleep on the nightclub’s floor.

Written by a_gabardo
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