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Losing North - Tiring Indecision (Chapter III)

"Third chapter of my novel, Losing North, hope you enjoy ;)"

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Adam’s room was stinking of sweat, alcohol and weed. Probably days had passed since he last opened a window, sun hadn’t shined inside those four walls for almost as long and the air being recycled several times had become simply suffocating.

“Good god!” Charlie exclaimed once he opened the door. His hand close to his mouth, trying to keep the bad smell away from his nostrils. “When are you going to clean this room?” He asked Adam, who was still laying on bed.

“I don’t fucking know.” Adam answered, cleaning the drool which had run down his cheek.

“What about a job? When are you getting one of those?” Charlie asked, standing at the edge of the bed, his arms crossed, as if he was trying to be somewhat of a parental figure.

Adam rolled his eyes, already knowing he wouldn’t be able to escape from another one of Charlie’s talks. “Get off my case, would you? I’m taking a few weeks off.” Adam replied sitting on the bed, looking straight into Charlie’s eyes.

“Well, if you have no job, how are you paying for rent, food and anything else you need?” Charlie asked, making Adam suddenly realize he was going to be in financial troubles in a couple of weeks.

Adam started pulling his hair and looked at the ground as he said, “Shit! You’re right… Fuck! I need a new job.”

There was some silence in the room, Adam tried to figure out what his next move would be and Charlie observed his roommate thinking. A not-so-bright idea came to Charlie’s mind. “Why don’t you call that chick from the club? Who wants you to play in her band?”

Adam giggled a little bit, “Yeah, as if that is going to get me any money.” He answered sarcastically.

Charlie got a bit frustrated for his friend’s lack of vision, “Maybe you guys can make a few bucks playing gigs. That gotta help.”

He simply spat on the idea, “Come on, that is not going to change anything.” Adam then carried on to emphasize his need of playing in an orchestra or working in a musicology job. “I need a good job… preferably one involving that music degree I have yet to use. Not packing food other people buy.”

“Come on!” Charlie said, loud and clear. “Give it a try would you? While you search for a decent job, at least.” He tried to persuade Adam.

“You just want me to call her, don’t you?” Adam asked, finally understanding Charlie’s true intentions.

“No.” Charlie answered, in a not very strong manner, the same way he always answered when lying. “I just want you playing in another band, which is always good for you.” He added on, and after a few seconds of silence confirmed Adam’s suspicions by saying, “But you really should find a nice girl, it’s time already.”

“Oh my god, Charlie!” Adam shouted. “I knew it!” He kept going, pointing his finger toward his roommate. “Can’t you just accept the fact that I do not have a girlfriend?” Adam asked his friend, a little bit mad, but mostly simply overreacting so that Charlie would finally leave him alone.

“But don’t you think you should find something more meaningful than your one-night stands?” Charlie asked, actually concerned about Adam, as per usual.

“Fuck! If I call her will you leave me alone?” Adam asked, just wanting to get rid of Charlie so he could go back to sleep.

Charlie smiled, teeth and all. The happiness on his face was apparent and idiotic, as Adam thought. “Yes! I will leave you alone…” Charlie stopped, he had agreed but now remembered an important term. “Only after you go out with her, of course.” He said, to make sure Adam would go out with the girl.

Once again, Adam’s eyes rolled inside his head. “Okay! Now leave my fucking room!” He shouted, trying to make Charlie go away.

“Alright, alright. I’m leaving.” Charlie replied on his way out, “And clean your stinking room!” He yelled before slamming the door.

Written by a_gabardo
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