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Where do you think you're going?

Tags: panic, pain, abuse


That argument was big. Biggest argument they had ever had. It changed everything about them. Changed everything between them.

She was sick of him trying to control her, like he knew what was best for her. His last 'command' pushed her over the edge and she erupted.

She said those dreaded things, the almighty words that pushed him over the final edge. His arm swung round and his open palm connected with her left cheek with an almighty 'THWACK!'

She looked at him with disbelief. His face mirrored her own shock and he crumped to the ground in a heap. She stepped over his collasped body and ascended the stairs. Her face was empty. No expression or emotion showed, other than the many tears that fell down her pefectly dusted pink cheeks, one cheek with a red handmark.

She slowly walked into the bedroom. Each step felt like lifting heavy weights. She simply and quietly closed the door behind her and sat in the corner of the room. Her knees raised and her arms wrapped round her legs tightly, as if trying to hold herself together. Resting her chin on her knees. The tears finally stopping and drying up, her eyes turning into a dark, and cold hatred for him.


09/09/2006 - 5 years prior.

Kate was a single, free, strong and independant eighteen year old woman, and she was loving it. No man to hold her back. She was through with men, after her last boyfriend cheated on her. However, this one man, Jay, managed to change that. She was smitted, there was no other word for it. She constantly acted like a young school girl, whenever she was with him.

His rugged good looks, charming demeanour, and thoughtfullness had her rambling everytime she spoke to him. He was tall, reaching 6ft 7'. More a giant to her 5ft 7' frame. He's bulging muscles, broad shoulders and strong jaw hinted at a masculine male.

Their meeting was by chance, both were walking in the street, neither looking where they were going, when they walked into eachother. His giant frame, knocking her over as she walked delicatly and purposly in her high heels. Jay reached for her, grabbed her by the waist with his callous hand, and held her up. Their eyes connected and something that felt like a jolt of electricity went through them, and their breathing hitched.

It seemed like love at first site.



He's loud hammering at the door jolted her from her memories of their meeting, this day five years ago. She knew she could not stay with him any longer. How had she gone from a strong and independant eighteen year old, to a timid and withdrawn twenty-three year old? Where no man could hurt her. It was the fact she has been blinded by love. She always said that no man would control her. She read about the abusive relationships, and swore it would never happen to her, and yet, here she was.

Jay swung the door open, hitting the wall behind it with a loud 'BANG!'
He looked down at her pathetic small frame, using his height to make sure he over-powered her, even while she was curled up in that tiny ball. She refused to look up at him, terrified of telling him that she was leaving, terrified of the fact she knew he would hit her now, he could do anything. He grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet, her screech of pain jolted him from his violent behaviour and he let her go.

He turned and walked out the door, slamming it shut behind him. She jumped to her feet and quickly started packing her things. She knew he could be gone hours, or just minutes.

She was distracted by a picture that stood on the bedside cabinet, she picked it up and smiled, gently stroking the face of the handsome man, that was now just a memory to her. It was a picture taken whilst on their first date. She was done up perfectly, he had dressed down, but still seemed to fit in with the expensive resturant behind them.

She did not hear the door open and shut, and hear the heavy footsteps behind her.

He whispered softly in her ear. "Where do you think you're going?"

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