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JamesPBear 1 month ago


The Girl finds out how it is that no one has discovered a polar bear in the Rockies!

The Girl was exhausted by their deep discussion on the Nature of God, the universe, and reality. She was also recovering from what looked like a significant beating, which showed on her face, and the parts of her arms and legs that were visible. Bear...

JamesPBear 1 month ago

The Bear and the Girl

What happens when a injured woman meets a talking polar bear?

The Bear yawned and stretched, then walked out into the sunlight. He thought it was about time to patrol his territory, marking it out, and making sure other carnivores weren’t taking liberties. That Mama brown bear seemed particularly to like trying...

JamesPBear 2 months ago


Chrissy was beaten, but never defeated.

This is not my story, it’s Chrissy’s story, and you’ll understand why she’s not telling it in a while. And it’s a true story, though I’ve changed the names and places for obvious reasons. The beginning of the end happened when my wife and I drove, fr...

Anonymous 5 months ago

Deathly Love

Sometimes love is death

My heart slumbers in chainsWhich leave out the light-And suck in all the night   Dark and dismal  Let it be  ...can I ever be free? Rising from ash  I crawl and grip the green earth  Savaged and beaten  I plead to be heard   Desperate to see  A litt...

Anonymous 2 years ago

When an evil man dies...

...the fear lives on.

(Author's Note: This piece is about an evil man. If you're offended by evil deeds, please don't read this. If you have a gentle soul, please protect it. Go read an emotionally uplifting story that will add value to your life. For me, this was cathart...

audreymulamba 3 years ago


TRIGGER WARNING The following contains information about assault, violence, suicide and bodily harm

The small drops of blood had now dried up from my wounds as I lay down on the cold floor of our basement. It had been over an hour now and I was tired from all the crying.  The pain was unbearable and yet this wasn't even the worst.  There had been w...

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Vern_Fawcett 4 years ago

John's Story

Poor poor John

John held perfectly still as he leaned against the tree. The deer moved cautiously out of the trees onto the meadow. First, a doe with her fawn stepped out. Looking all around, walking sort of jerk, jerk, look. Finally, the rest followed, last of all...

She came on the winds,as a perfectly shaped dream.Her stunning black skirt,and blouse coloured cream. Although with a friend,she had there in tow.A cinema companionand so, soon to go. We started to chat,and both our smiles came,then something ignited...

Vern_Fawcett 4 years ago

Why Does Abuse Continue?

How do kids learn to be abusers?

Have you ever noticed that abusive families stay that way generation after generation? Why? Logically this should not be. After all in an abusive relationship there are two roles, Abuser, and Victim. Obviously if an Abuser starts a new generation the...

blackvamp1 4 years ago



In the black ball of the sky the weary moon tries to outdo the stars, but it is too much for the ancient fool! The haystacks, like sliced hot dogs sauced in black, blend into the deep grey night, and are recklessly in denial. The wind,...

blackvamp1 4 years ago


Some people never give up

she died this morning, her bony little hands clutching her pigeon chest, a look almost of relief on her tiny face. sitting upright on the hard chair he feels a cold black thrill, like the Nazi he is. what will he do now? he's not used to being alone....

blackvamp1 5 years ago

I Remember My Dress

A relationship you will never get over.

I remember mydressclose-fitting andblackimprisoning my body like shrink wrapI remember myhairlong and darkbrownwith a narrowband of velvettight over myfrownI remember that daywe made ourplansand with promises likea welding torchyou said you would nev...