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AnnaMayZing 3 years ago


2 of 5 Let me out! Let me out...

No! Please! Don't shut me in here. What have I done to you? I thought you were my friend, Uncle. Like a father to me whilst my own father fights in the Crusades. It is so dark in here. Come back, Uncle, let me out... Please! Where are you? Is it nig...

  Time goes slow,As I sink into an all-time low.My heart beats pain as I strain my eyes looking for a better future.All doors closed but I keep an open mindLeft alone, I am the last of my kindI got comfo...

Daisy 4 years ago

Another Day, Another Panic Attack

The difficulties of living with anxiety, and how something little can make a huge difference

I was awake at 4am (after dreaming of panicking), worrying about going to Painsburys for 7am (when it tends to be quiet), when it occurred to me that Stressco might already be open! It was, and so I went down there. There were lots of workers doing the...

bella685 4 years ago

Out Of The Darkness

Things are not always clearer, even after you've stepped out of the darkness.

I wake on my left side, shivering from the cold. I fumble for the comforter but come up empty-handed. Annoyed, I roll onto my back thinking I'll have to wrestle it from Ben, my blanket-stealing husband who likes to wrap himself in a cocoon. Instead of fee...

Kiera 5 years ago


Terrified of everything.

Terrified of everything After what you did to me Terrified of everything It's like I ceased to be Terrified of everything Panic all the time Terrified of everything So I drink too much wine Terrified of eve...

CKAcres 5 years ago


I'm not what I've done, I am what I have overcome.

When one stands in the sunshine, the world around is always bright.It is easy to see creatures at play, enjoying beauty in nature's light.Things are visible and unwrapped, though some can hide in the shadows. Unseen things...

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Daisy 6 years ago

A Swarm of Bees

Have you ever wondered what a panic attack is like?

This musing only available on Stories Space. if you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen."Pull yourself together!""Mind over matter...""Don't be so ridiculous.""Get a grip.""Just calm down.""T...

"You're married?" Susan exclaimed. I felt a hole where my stomach should have been. I saw the look of shock and horror across her face. Then a pained look took over her whole body. I broke out in a cold sweat. I couldn't imagine hurting this woman and I b...

Nox 6 years ago

Can't call for help

Oh NOS! Where did it go?

.I step slowly from the cab,Generously paying the tab, The drivers kind of cute, Not paying attention while I gab. Tell the cabbie, thank you ma'am, Handing her a few clams, Stepping out of the car The door shuts wi...

TaliaRussell 6 years ago


Dedicated to panic attack sufferers, who understand the horror

Icy flash!Awake at night!Jolt shoots through my being!Numbness travels up my arms -And as I lose my feeling -Heart thumps fast at such a pace,It seems to want to flee me -High pitched shriek  Runs through my headMy ches...

GriffinGarcon 8 years ago

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 25

The fear has an end. Demi finds himself at the end of the Fear's rope.

Chapter 25 Flaming Fear “Ah, our sweet Tensartis! Every time it’s the same, my lord, you keep on forgetting to mention the high percentage of hydrogen in the air! Poor boy! Hurry, the shooting will start again any minute!” Pieris drags m...

sea 8 years ago

Please No….!

I just witnessed this incident at my home....not the the actual jump but from the noise onwards...

A lazy morning, winter fog Giggles, cuddles, play pretend in the quilts. Warm afternoon, water sun A long drive, lunch out, a day out Laughter, smiles, thank you for day well spent. Smile on face, love in soul, a ch...

CKAcres 9 years ago

Hide and Seek

Is one ever really alone?

Full moon shone from the night.Traces of shadows outlined bright. The landscape lit up as if daylight.Playing hide and seek such a delight. Darker reaches playing tricks on my eyes.Is something hidden, lurking in disguise?