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Dive (Revised)

Dive (Revised)

This kind of an alternate world thing where literature meets real life

Tensions were high that at sea, for in an an un-precedented move that took place. The world's Navies ordered their ships from both their home ports, and from their posts of call from all over the globe to assemble in task forces or groups, after having been ordered to one spot in the vast Pacific ocean, in order to say goodbye and to pay tribute to two legends that were leaving that day. And to see them off as they headed back to their own world beneath the waves, and leaving us alone, as they went their separate way until the next time.

The ocean was calm and the day crystal clear with visibility unlimited, as if it had been ordered that way. But tension was thick for this unexpected move, with all the ships in the joint task groups having their crews man the rails, dressed in full dress uniforms for the tribute that was to be paid. All except an aircraft carrier battle group, with a few frigates and destroyers patrolling the outer edges of the area. And except for the members of the press on-board the ships participating, those which were uninvited tried to cover this event, by arriving in chartered planes which were escorted out by fighters. And those who tried to arrive in chartered boats, had 5-inch shells fired across their bows and were warned to heave to and keep their distance, or head back from whence they came, or else the next shells would be through their hulls.

All of this was being done for a legend, who had decided to finally go home to his own separate world in his submarine The Nautilus. He was leaving until their might be a next time that he and his vessel might one day be needed which is doubtful in these revision filled times.

Nothing was said or signaled from the ships gathered there and as if it were planned, and as if it had been practiced, all of the saluting guns opened up on the task group's ships, and fired in volleys. And all of the crews standing the rails from many nations watching the proceedings all came to attention as if they were one and hand saluted both that legendary vessel and captain, as The colours were dipped three times as a tribute to both of them there. As Captain Nemo raised his hand, and returned the salutes of all those gathered there.

The Nautilus' diving alarm went off and was heard by all in the task group. With the sounds of: : AUOOOGAH!, AUOOOGAH!, DIVE!, DIVE!, DIVE!, were heard echoing across the area by all there. All watched as Captain Nemo went below as the Nautilus began to get underway, and started her dive that would take them both home to their separate world far beneath the waves.

And as she started to dive an almost palpable force seemed to be all around and descend as the Bosun's pipes were blown dismissing all from standing the rail. Still there was a feeling as if all were being haunted by ghosts for watching Captain Nemo and the Nautilus get underway, that day and some wondered if there would be a next time Captain Nemo would return.

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