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sweetsinner 2 weeks ago

I Asked Them Not To Touch Me

“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.” ~ Laurell K. Hamilton

My midwife first came to meand I asked for her, not to touch me.For I had recently been examined on admissionand I was progressing as would be expected,for someone whose rhythms had been disruptedby the discomfort of driving to the...

Sometimes before the red tideMy body is no longer mineWhen I stare down At those two fat burlap sacks

Curves like melted candle waxDried on the floor, a shapeless mass

I wonder if I’m just paying rent

Anonymous 2 months ago

I started off as only a seed that slowly grew.A seed that grew from tiny, soaking up the sun, the rain.I am but a tree, that almost didn't make it at the beginning.I started from pushing up slowly from the eart...

Survivor 2 months ago

Journey On

Our journey will continue to the end

The sun has risen over both our waysSo many times apart, now we are one.No longer may we squander nights and days,You're my true love when all is said and done. Our twilight is not near, not coming soon,We'll laugh and cry, n...

Covid has been with us now for over a year But facemasks unfortunately we still have to wear Boris says restrictions will soon come to an end And time with our friends we'll be able to spend But sensible and safe we need folks still need to...

Survivor 4 months ago

You said my name, it felt so intimateas if you spread some jam upon my lipsand then you licked it off. The loving wayyou said my name had felt as if you'd kissedmy center of deep sensuality.As if the simple act of na...

Survivor 5 months ago

Only Now Do I See

It was a time I should remember well

It is a time I should remember well,the feelings special still when I recall.It may be true the thoughts of you are spreadacross the years and visions do not cometo me as I would wish that they might do. If you should ever pa...

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rolandlytle 6 months ago

My Enemy

Anger is never your friend.

I have seen the enemyMy foe, my cause to stopThey are evil, no doubtirrational violence unending Their acts are heinousMy anger hot as magmadesirous of apoplectic revengeblackening my heart I cannot mirror thei...

Survivor 6 months ago

Prairie Suite

Let the wind lift you up on your dreaming wings

Eyes open slowly,the horizon spreading out.Awaken with joy. Bird songs whistle andfill our ears triumphantly.The prairie is alive. Blue skies above us,scarlets and ambers blending.Blossoms have appeared. Vie...

Survivor 7 months ago

Forever Kitten

She has always been my kitten

The fact that she is here with me is grandand now I call her what she has becomebecause it simply is the way I thinkabout her now as we grow closer still.  It may not be the way I chose to callher once upon a time but now I f...

Anonymous 8 months ago

An Echo Rings

A heartbeat can be a story in itself

An echo rings. It is a heartbeat; or maybe two. Shall we guess, or do we know? An echo rings. It’s in my mind; maybe you hear, too? Maybe you hear two? An echo rings. It is there. It is here. It is one. It is our heartbeat; a de...