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Over 90 days ago
United States


Looking for REAL friends from here and from this site's sister site I might meet this tour.

Written a few pieces of prose that seemed to be better than most expected. And were considered better than most posted on this site's sister site (according to feedback I received from there as well as in Real Life).

I am a published author in real life for the prose I write. And I am also a holder of copyrights from the Library of Congress. And all I write in here is also covered by copyright as well.

Veteran of The United States Armed Forces, and respect all who wear and wore the uniform of their country and answered their country's call. For we all gave, some gave more, and some gave their ALL.

NOTE: I might change my avatar occasionally, but it will never be me. I also don't ever use the chat room area and then if I do it will be a very rare occasion if I do. Prefer to use one on one online chat black boxes. And won't or will not use the chat windows.

There will be times when I will be writing pieces along the lines of what I had REALLY published that are available only to a select few in here, (and they know who they are). If you happen to be interested and only those who are truly seriously interested let me know and I might send a sample or two via private message or via the black online chat boxes only.

Let's get a few things straight:

1) No instagram, messenger, or KIK used, or foreseen to be gotten anytime soon.

2) No Skype.

3) Email is like an only option.

4) get pushy or demanding and I forget who you are.

5) Texting I don't do unless I know you.

6) Cell Number asked for without getting to know you and guess I won't bother getting to know you.

7) Some might feel intimidated by my putting all out here open and honestly, but sorry figure it's best to be straight forward with no minced words.

8) Ask all be honest.

9) There are a few exceptions.

10) I Take all REAL Friendships Seriously and the Law of friendship I hold sacred.

11) Mess with me and make things personal then an Orwellian Concept listed below kicks in.

Lairs, and all suspected: Strikeout artists, spammers/scammers, with primadonnas, divas, and drama queens. Along with others of such ilk will be removed from mind, memory, and all record. Or either: Buried up to their necks to rot, or be shot in the knees and then buried alive. And those who can't accept part of this part as a joke need to buy a sense of humour on Ebay.

I will be blunt and painfully honest on things and on some people. As I shoot from the hip most times and don't tend to mince words, so I calls 'em likes I sees them. And don't like that then suggest you get a TS Chit and go see the Chaplain.


Favorite Books
Too Many to List

Favorite Authors
Too Many to List

Favorite Movies
Too Many to List

Favorite TV Shows
Don't watch a whole lot of TV

Favorite Music
Classical to Rock. Along with Jazz and Blues. Very little of new Country, (Country Fried Rock). And I am into hard to find rare recordings. With my favorite genre being the late 60's, and early 70's rock & roll, along with Bob Dylan. And out of the newer stuff it either needs to talk to me, or like Dick Clark said; "It has to have a beat you can dance to it."
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