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Part two

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Published 4 years ago

Brushing plants aside, Vera walked into the jungle. Away from the fire, the last lick of the sun made her skin glisten with sweat. She walked hunched in search for food as her mind traveled elsewhere.

The first time she saw Kaiya was two earth years ago. Kaiya was strolling up and down aisles in the grocery store, food overflowing in her hands.

"She's supposed to help the Absolute War?" Vera thought to herself, her chin resting on the edge of a mop. 

She couldn't understand what her people saw in her. She couldn't see this overweight panda pyjama wearing person leading anything let alone an army. 

Kaiya dropped her groceries, eggs shattering on the floor. Regardless, no one went to her aid.

Vera, disregarding the sisterhood's orders rushed over to help clean the mess.

"I'm so stupid, I'm so sorry," said Kaiya shamefaced. 

"It's okay miss, just go on, I got this covered" Vera replied.

Without a thought, Kaiya grabbed the mop out of Vera's hands and began to clean up the mess she made.

Feeling the spot on her hand that Kaiya had touched, she could feel the power she wielded. It throbbed with power.

Looking to her left, Vera saw a bright red shrub with small white berries. Pulling a knife from her knee high riding boots, she cut off a handful of twigs complete with berries and leaves.

Venturing forth into the jungle, walking backward until she couldn't see the seashore.

She took off an amber amulet from her neck. Pinching it on either end, it expanded as big as her face. Holding the now like mirror object, she stretched out her arms.

"Rena," she said firmly.

A woman with a large afro and a square jaw appeared in the amber. "I have been waiting for you sister. I see you're back, do you have Kaiya?"

Rena spoke with calm leadership. "Yes, but the Eradicators are sure to notice she's gone. I'm taking a detour to get to Kysyth, the safest route possible. We are on the Cra shore, I will take her back through the ocean to Flesh forest." explained Vera.

Holding a black rod with a ruby spearhead, Rena nodded.

"Whichever route you take, be brave sister and make sure to get her here before the eclipse or everything would have been for nothing. I believe in you."

Rena's voice faded out, and the amber returned to its original size. Vera clutched the amulet in her hands and began to walk back.

Laying down on the sand, Kaiya gazed into the fire. 

She always felt so out of place that with being in this new world felt no different than being in hers.

Lost in thought, she hadn't realized that her companion had returned sitting next to her alongside the fire. 

Vera handed her a twig plump with berries which she brought to her mouth. 

"Those are poison! You have to eat the leaves!" Vera expressed with panic.

Kaiya nodded and hesitantly put a single rectangular leaf in her mouth. She frowned with disgust, but her face turned quickly to confusion as Vera began to giggle.

"You can make the leaves taste like whatever you want; I probably should have mentioned that earlier. I am currently feasting on Bardouk steak" Vera said lightheartedly.

Kaiya closed her eyes and pictured one of her foster mom's turkey dinners. Although the texture wasn't right, it was probably the most satisfying meal she had in months.


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