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I use writing to channel my emotions, a way to release my pain. My technical writing skills may not be the strongest but I pour my heart out with each word written. ❤️

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In the cold dimness, I hear it shriek A single tear runs down my cheek As it approaches, the floorboards groan and creak I hold my breath and dare not to speak I crawl to a corner in which to hide in Sweat binds clothes to my skin My heart pulses, my visi...

I’ll never truly be ready The air is thick, my breath is unsteady Blurred vision, palms are sweaty The weight on my shoulders is overwhelmingly heavy Hope beacons through speech Peaking through bars in the dark Golden glowing hands are just out of reach U...

Cracked marble floors, extinguished candles Hanging from the ceiling, a chandelier dangles Shattered mirrors, withered paintings Dust coats the ornate wood carvings Take a seat amongst the wreckage Play to the phantoms a melodic message Let your music rev...