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A Winter's Day

this crap isn't helping my self-esteem one damn bit, she thought in a burst of bitter self-pity

The weak light from a leaden sky revealed a scattering of forlorn leaves clinging to the dark, wet limbs of trees bordering a deserted playground and half-empty parking lot. Cold, misty rain and swirling winds hastened the inevitable outcome of this doome...

Out of this world

The search for aliens is answered here. Or is it?

Altering the frequency of the radio he had built himself, the noise of static could be heard once again, but turning the tuner further, he came across a voice that he was expecting, as he had been here many times before, trawling through the fm, am and me...

King Kyruss

A building site worker enjoys fantasy board gaming. What are the consequences of completing the game

He had a weakness. One which he guessed may be quite embarrassing should his workmates discover it. However, he was not ashamed of it, because he saw no reason to be. It was perhaps quite a contraction in regards to who he was and to his profession that h...

An Idea for a Short Story

Her long hair spread over my chest and smelled like … like … what was it? Who was she?

Sounds. Voices. Tingling. “I saw a twitch …” “… His eyelids are fluttering …” “How are we doing today Mr. Stavros? You gave us quite a scare, didn’t he Mrs. Stavros?” The young woman addressing him was dressed in a pale blue pajama holding a clipboard wit...


This ornament lives up to the term: 'Cheap and nasty'

There was not much of interest in the market. It seemed to be simply people trying to get rid of their unwanted attic junk. Yet buyers picked up and examined rusted cutlery, books that had been soaked in water, videos and cassettes so ingrained with filth...

Brushing plants aside, Vera walked into the jungle. Away from the fire, the last lick of the sun made her skin glisten with sweat. She walked hunched in search for food as her mind traveled elsewhere.The first time she saw Kaiya was two earth years ago. K...

Part One

Part one of the story

Dead trees over encumbered with snow surrounded the frozen lake. He loomed over her. His black cellular robes covered his face as if he didn't have one.She stared blankly into his gaping hole."Accompany me" he hissed as he extended a claw.Lifting her hand...

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The Case Of The Lady In Red

A kind of detective story done in rhyme.

My name is Smith, That’s Smith N. Wesson. I’m a licensed P I, And I carry a big ass gun. This case started on a Tuesday, When she walked into my life. The dame dressed in red, Probably some rich sap's wife. I asked her the usual questions, “OK sister; Wha...

Little One

Lay your head on the pillow and dream.

Sleep tonight little oneBelow stars that twinkleSun has gone to bedDream of today's funLike Rip Van Winkle Moon is showing his headNight's here day's doneLet Mr. Sandman sprinkleA little sand don't dreadMorn will bring bright sunA breakfast that will tick...


Billy's recovery

Chapter ThirteenChicken SoupWhen they arrived back on the farm, Ed carried Billy from the Jeep into the farm house in his arms, as Kaye held the kitchen door for him. Dodger and Benny were barking long before they had come through the door, they both stop...

You Wish This, Too

Everyone wishes fairy tails were real.

I wish this world were real. I wish it wasn't just in a book.Why do you wish that?So I could go there. I'm tired of being stuck in reality.Don't you feel safe here?Of course I do. I think that's the problem.Ah. The thirst for adventure.Exactly.Well then....