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Valkyrie Rising

Valkyrie Rising

Loosely based on Norse Mythology

There are moments to live, and to die along with there being people being both good, and evil which go hand in hand with the moment to stand and fight. For all from the; soldier, civilian, martyr, and victim. Not to mention all the others like the; prophet, pariah, liar, sinner, saint, fool, and sages. It becomes a moment of truth and a baptism in fire in most cases down to the last one standing on either the right or the left.

Standing here and hearing the wind across the plains and looking up at those starry skies where the eagles have flown, and has me wondering if this is where I belong? After having taken a tour of the wild side of life, and seen the garrets where the artists have died and the courts where the judges have lied. And then taking a look in that mirror on the shelf and wonder if that’s really me I am seeing in the reflection. Having walked down the alleys where the murders have taken place, and at times have been borne on the wind as those harbingers of war stand revealed out on the field, as the sound of white crippled wings can be heard overhead instead.

So turn the page so that something new can be revealed, as the question of why is asked, while a whiteout of emotion descends with all beginning to move in slow motion which has me knowing that I only have my brittle bones to break any fall. And only needing your reasons to avoid a fall and stand tall instead, and not lose the values that our mothers taught us. As the last command is given or is it a nothing more than a lie? With there being no time to wait or to think it over, and I have earned the right to know, and to tell you what I see and feel. With there being times when I wonder why I am out on this broken field as I take the path, to continue to carry on when it seems as though time has stood still with no turning back and everything is under attack?

I know that I will not carry myself down to die or head under the ground just because someone says that death has been making the rounds. But, then again when war comes death will be all around with the meaning of life losing its meaning and if this the case then let me die in my own footsteps with my head held high. So take off my shield and carry my sword as I won’t be needing them anymore, I might be broken and frozen. But, I am finally free, and I am finally coming home. So now find me a sky for when I receive my wings, and then tell them all that I am all-right, though I am alone. Bury my shame when it is taken off of me for I won’t be needing it anymore for this undone war has finally ended and will rage and sting me no more. I won’t be fighting here anymore under the sun as it melts all the chains in my soul to finally release me, and now the sun’s dark light can and will finally heal those scars I have carried like souvenirs for so long. And say the words of Kýrie eléison* for those left behind before I fall.

So take me out where the land meets the sun, and see the mountains, and canyons as well as those places where the waters run. And if not then I will find it on my own: For there do I see my Father, my Mother and my Brothers and my Sisters, with being able to see the line of my people back to the beginning. Lo, they do call to me as they bid me to take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla; where thine enemies have been vanquished, and where the brave shall live Forever. Nor shall we mourn but rejoice for those that have died the glorious death.**

*(Lord , have mercy)

**(Dated between 4 B.C. and 3 A.D.)

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