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Where is the man of my dreams?

"An actual dream"
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Was this a dream or a reality? It certainly looked unreal. It looked beyond my fancy. I was oblivious to how I reached here. I looked at my admirer, his deep eyes gazing in to me, boring in to my soul. Weird sensation gripped me and blood flow to my cheeks increased. Before I knew it, I was blushing. He smiled after seeing what he had achieved. I looked down thinking who was this ridiculously handsome man, wondering how did I end up here.

This beautiful place underneath the stars, underneath the moonlight was driving me senseless. He came forward and gently touched my hand. I looked up as sparks flew in my body. There was a weird connection between me and him. I gazed dreamily in to his eyes. He smiled. He took my hand and took me to the middle of the garden. We were right underneath the moonlight rays. His face illuminated by the moonlight looked beautiful beyond imagination. It was breath taking. He said I looked beautiful. His scent was pure intoxication. I took a whiff of the fragrance in the air present due to the picturesque roses in the garden. I was too intimidated by this man’s presence to say anything. I was basically under a magical spell. He slowly kept his arm around my waist and with the other one he took my hand. There was sweet mellow music. We serenaded underneath the moonlight.

All the while we were looking in to each other’s eyes. Never letting the vision wary elsewhere. This moment was so precious that I wanted it to be forever frozen in time. I was with the man of my dreams, I wanted this moment to remain for eternity. I was happy beyond any doubt. Love was definitely in the air. We spent an amazing time together but I noticed the moonlight disappearing and the sun coming out. I saw the sparkling silver moonshine being replaced with dull yellow. Slowly I saw the man of my dreams fading away. I wanted him to stay. He waved me bye and viola! he was not there anymore.

Sensing some pressure, I seemed to enter a black hole. It was like someone was rewinding a movie. It was like I was going back. It was like I was looking at all the things that had happened during the night in rewind, flying by my eyes. Finally I reached the point where I had wondered if this was a dream or a reality. Everything became dark. I had no idea about what just had happened. Where was the man of my dreams? Where were the beautiful flowers with the magnificent incense. Where was the dance that I did?

As I was pondering over these questions, someone poked my shoulder and I slowly opened my eyes. It was my mum and she had woken me up for the morning. I was back to my boring old room, instead of being underneath the moonlight and the stars with the hot dreamy looking guy, I was staring at my white ceiling. I was dismayed because it was a dream after all. I was fantasizing about meeting someone really hot and handsome. Will the man of my dreams ever return to me? Will I ever find him? Are there guys like him in the real world? were some of the questions in my mind, as I got out of bed and started to get ready for the day ahead.

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