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January 16, 1989, Tomatlán, Mexico. I was sitting on the left side of a second-class bus two rows behind the driver. No one bothered to get off for the ten-minute stop in Tomatlán. The driver’s assistant stood at the front of the bus ready to collec...

I searched behind the harbor mist Where craving lips had once longed to kiss But fate was hiding one last twist That pillowed moment did not exist.   Dreams are meant to take you places Your mind unpacks familiar faces Grasping at...

Did I see you from afar?Could that been youFlashing eyes so bright.Smile stopping traffic.As the sun warmed you.Lovebirds singing their songs.My eyes flutter closed.Heartbeat thumping.Soft fingers caress....

Anonymous 3 years ago

  I picture youdressed all in whitea veil on your head and unspoiled as a freshly fallen snowdrift. My heart catches in my throat,As I gaze at your ethereal silhouettethrough the Vaseline glazeof tears in...

Lev821 3 years ago


Not all fields are pleasant, especially when you hate.

He hated his boss, ‘hated’ her. He always felt oppressed in his job, psychologically bullied because she simply took a dislike to him. He seemed to be the type of person whom, to her, was instantly dislikeable. It was not her who had hired him, so she...

fuzzy1954 3 years ago

Distance Dream

Tease the red hair lass

As the old man sits with his afternoon tea.  Pipe tightly between teeth, he nods off.Dreams flood over his old bones of the moorsThe moors of his childhood.  Happy days with his family.  The sounds of his youth good and badThe soulful...

Rumple_deWriter 4 years ago

Dancing to Ray Charles: Ch 11, Journey South

Would their change in latitude change any attitudes?

  Alexandria, a small, nondescript city on the Red River in central Louisiana, is the symbolic checkpoint separating the state’s French, Catholic south from its Scots-Irish, Protestant north. In the pre-interstate days, a two-lane highway weaved its...

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mysteria27 5 years ago

Where Am I

Where am I?

As I sleep you found me there You offered your hand to help me out I'm asleep and don't really care Not sure what this is about Flowers around me are pink The flowers are all in bloom Not really sure what to think Th...

GenlyAryl 5 years ago

A Dream

I am letting this dream pass me

Like all things I can’t hold, you are untouchable. As if intangible to my touch, it can’t hold you like I wanted. Like how I wish to hold you in my arms and,  Maybe, just maybe feel your warmth. Like all things that are far away, yo...

Madhanish 5 years ago

The British Rule!

connecting the DOTS.

The British Rule My Grandmother once told me, “Whatever you do in life, will come back to you! No matter whether it’s good or bad. It will definitely come back to you…”- I don’t think that she said this just for me to do good things in m...

CKAcres 5 years ago

Little One

Lay your head on the pillow and dream.

Sleep tonight little oneBelow stars that twinkleSun has gone to bedDream of today's funLike Rip Van Winkle Moon is showing his headNight's here day's doneLet Mr. Sandman sprinkleA little sand don't dread