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A Monster in the Room

Tags: bats
I am flying back and forth in the large room where we live in the rafters, when my sonar map shows a hole. A blank spot, how exciting. A new room to explore. I swiff through and my sonar begins giving my mind a map of the smaller rectangular room that I'm in, and yet another blank spot.

This is so exciting, new rooms to explore. The guys say that the other parts of this house are haunted by monsters, but I'm a brave bat, I will go where other bats won't. I'm not afraid of the monsters of the day.

I slide through the blank spot and find myself in a tunnel, a long thin room. I fly back and forth and back and forth, and I find another blank spot. I fly into it. It is a trap. A box about six feet long and two feet wide. I'm trapped and I fly back and forth a hundred times trying to get out. I hear footsteps. It's a monster!

"HELP! I'm trapped! A monster's coming for me!" I scream.

I was watching TV on my laptop late one night when a bat flew into my room. It flew over my head a few times, then into my closet. It flew back and forth in my closet for several minutes. Poor guy is trapped. How did he get in, the windows are closed... oh through the unfinished bathroom that doesn't have a door to my room, that opens to the boat-well. Bats live in the boat-well, he must have wandered in. I had a piece of plywood over the hole but moved it to cool things down this July.

I went and got a towel, and went to the closet to try to corral the bat back into the unfinished bathroom, and it swirled over my head in a way that made my back prickle up. It slipped out of the closet and went back towards the opening to the door.


I hear the young bat scream.

"Where are you?"

"Past the room, into the long thin tunnel, the forbidden trapped me in a box a small box... and the monster is coming..." and the screaming starts again.

I slip into the door and there he is, but not in a box.

"Follow me." I say, but he is too flustered and disorientated.

"The monster, the monster is right behind us."

I ram into him and he is pushed into the monsters light maker.

"Snap out of it goofball, follow me."

I fly out of the room hoping that he will follow, and he does.

When I saw two bats fly in my room, I thought: great, just what I need. Then they started fighting, and one slammed the other into my desk lamp and the spring that holds it's crane arm up, buzzed. One bat flew out, and I looked for the other one, and didn't see it. It must have left at the same time. It was like one bat came to get the other one and haul it out of here. I wonder if they know they aren't supposed to be here?

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