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Over 90 days ago
United States


"May you have an interisting life." is an ancient curse.

I was raised on the Confederated Salish and Kootani Indian Reservation in Western Montana. I joined the Army when I was 18 and became an intelligence analyist. I went to schools in the south, and in Arizona before I was stationed in Texas and joined a Pentecostal church. I spent a year in Korea. I got out of the army for two years and starved. I went back in as a desiel mechanic. I was stationed in Texas, and served in Iraq. I got out again and worked for government contractors. I buckled under the constant strain of being so close to the "war machine" and fled to quiet cool Oregon two years ago where I stayed with my brother on a houseboat on the river before I got my own place in the city.

My soul feels worn out. I write to escape, not to confront reality.

walking, drawing, reading, eating at the cafe, fishing, gardening

Favorite Books
My Antonia, The Princess Bride, The Hobbit, NO.1 Ladies Detective Agency...

Favorite Authors
James Harriot, JRR Tolken, CS Lewis, JK Rowling...

Favorite Movies
I'm not a movie watcher...I thought the recient Le Miserables with ...Crow was good...I cried.

Favorite Music
Country, Folk...Suzzane Vega, Mary Chapen Carpenter
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I move through the interstitial layers, I smoke in the basement, I write in the margins, and grow in the cracks I'm lost and I'm looking, all around the edges, and I'll never find more than a crumb because it's designed that way They say I've lost thirty-...

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