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A Random Moment, Part 15: Gloria's Confession

"Be careful, Rufus"
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“Who are you?” Gloria repeated.

Amy got shy and started to disappear. Gloria stood there in dumbfounded shock. Eventually, she turned to Rufus, looked him square in the eyes and asked him what the bloody hell just happened?

“Mum, I think we need to talk,” Rufus guided Gloria into the living room.

“Was that a ghost?” Gloria asked, her hands shaking.

Rufus made tea. This situation called for tea, lots of it.

“Amy, it’s all right, you can come out now,” Rufus said to the room. Even though she had disappeared, Rufus knew her well enough to know her presence “Mum,” Rufus continued, “Amy, is indeed, a ghost, but she’s nothing like what you’d think of when you think ghosts,” Rufus poured the water into the cup and dunked the tea bag.

“Huh?” Was about all that Gloria could muster.

Rufus handed her the tea and took a sip of his own.

“Remember when you were in the hospital visiting Rufus and you felt a presence?” Cynthia asked.

“Yes,” Gloria answered, afraid of Cynthia’s answer.

“That was Amy. She’s friendly and cares for Rufus very much,” Cynthia told her.

‘I knew it, that father of his passed his seeing on to him,’ Gloria thought.

“How does Claire fit into all of this?” Gloria asked.

“I’m clairvoyant. It’s not a joke, that’s just my name. Rufus came to me for advice,” Claire explained everything that had happened, to Gloria.

Gloria sat there sipping her tea and listening intently.

“Rufus,” Gloria spoke, after a few minutes of silence, “I need to tell you something.”

“Mum?” Rufus was worried. He knew there was something big coming, but didn’t know what. His mother had that look on, as if she was about to tell some huge secret.

“It’s about your father. Are you sure you want to hear this here, in front of everyone?”

“Yes, they’re going to find out eventually, I tell them everything, after all,” Rufus sat down in his seat.

“Before I go on, I need to make sure you’re okay with hearing this,” Gloria wanted to be absolutely sure before going on.

“I’d be okay with it if you’d just tell me,” Rufus snapped a little.

Gloria took a deep breath, composed herself and told Rufus all about his father. It turns out that his father was also gifted with, what Gloria called, ‘the seeing.’ He could see ghosts and communicate with them too. He wasn’t exactly the type of man to go shouting about his ability, but he did make it known to a select, trusted, few.

“William - that’s your father, was committed. He went mad from all the ghosts he saw and they never left him alone. The doctors thought he was crazy, like just another loony seeing stuff, but the few psychics he knew, were right behind him. They knew how difficult it was to just switch it off, but they couldn’t help him in time. The doctors kept him locked up, doped up to the eyeballs. Kept him sedate, but still didn’t dull his perception. After your fifth birthday, he died. He couldn’t take any more and just drifted off. I worry now,” Gloria sobbed, “I worry that the same thing will happen to you, Rufus. It was a bloody tragedy, Rufus, you need to get help,” Gloria walked over to Rufus’ seat and hugged him.

“Mum, I promise, I’ll get help. I’m sure Claire can help and I’m sure you know some of dad’s friends. Are you in touch with any of them?” Rufus tried to reassure his mother, but how could he when he was unsure himself?

“Yes, I’ve been in touch with them ever since...” Gloria sobbed, trailing off at the last word.

Cynthia, Amy and Claire stood in dumbfounded silence. The cupboard was opened and the good whisky was taken out.

“I think this calls for something strong,” Cynthia sighed and poured a glass each, “Amy, do you want one?”

“Um, I’ll try it,” Amy took a glass in her hand.

“Wait, Amy can consume stuff?” Gloria’s eyes widened.

“Yeah, but only lately,” Amy smiled, then looked worried.

Gloria was just about to explain what was really going on, when there was a knock at the door. Behind it stood Ray, one of William’s old drinking buddies and all 'round clairvoyant, specialising in exorcism. As soon as the door was opened, he rushed in:

“Gloria, thank fuck I found you,” he panted frantically.

“What’s wrong?” Gloria grabbed him and held him close.

“It’s... It’s William. He came to me. Told me to watch out for Rufus. Gloria, he scared me. I’ve never seen him like that, not even when he was at his worst. Gloria, I think something bad’s about to happen!” Ray babbled, almost incoherently.

Rufus ushered him to a seat and, once again, made tea. Ray started talking, but most of what he said made little to no sense. Something about Amy and William? What the hell did he mean by that?

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