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A Vampire's Lullaby Finale

This is Alex's end.

Everyone had arrived back at the mansion, followed by the Hunters. Mars walked past the crowd, Alex's lifeless body nestled in his arms. Heading towards an altar in the living room, Mars gently placed the redhead down on the altar. Silently, both parties gathered around the teen, bowing their heads in respect and mourning.

Vladimir and Daniel, were in the front row, staring at the dead boy's face. "This my son?" Daniel asked, directing the question at Vladimir.

"Yes. Alex is your son. He had not known about you."

Daniel sat down, going silent. "I had ... a son." The weight of what transpired before this moment sunk in, digging into Daniel like a pair of nails.

Everyone was on edge, knowing that a teenager had lost his life.

Hours had passed, very slowly, as Hunters and Vampires alike, stood in deadly silence.

Heaven had left shortly after the end of the battle to retrieve his wife and daughter. They arrived at the mansion.

Starlight approached Alex's body. Bloody tears ran down her porcelain white skin. She clutched his lifeless body, with her mother sitting beside her and the altar.

"You were supposed to protect him. He's your descendant. What good are you if you can't even protect your actual family?" Vladimir had no retort.

"You are right. I have no excuse for my inability to protect my family."

Starlight continued to hold Alex, her bloody tears dotting his skin.

"Enough. No one should be fighting before a dead soul." Crystal had stated sternly.

Once more, the room fell silent, until a small melody filled the room.

Crystal had started to sing, gaining everyone's attention. Taylor stepped up to her right, tuning in with Crystal. Other women, both Hunter, and Vampire joined in, the song becoming soft and harmonious. Following the women's lead, the men from both sides raised their voices, adding sorrow and mourning.

However, Vladimir and Daniel stayed silent.

The centuries old vampire finally spoke. "Let us be by his side, Daniel, as his soul his released and sent to Heaven."

The firefighter nodded, following Vladimir to the altar. They knelt beside Alex, Vladimir brushing aside a piece of flaming red hair from his face.

"Daniel, I took away the most important thing to you and myself. I had not wanted to mention this yet, but, I am also a part of your family. I am a great ancestor that was unlucky to be drawn into the life a vampire."

Daniel listened carefully, the hymn rising in the background.

"I was also responsible for his transformation. But, he was about to die. I could not allow that to happen."

Alex's father gave a deep sigh. "Then I understand. Honestly, I do wish I didn't forget him, but it's too late. My son is dead, and now, he's going to a better, conflict-free place. I'm glad."

The hymn was reaching its end. Vladimir bent over giving a gentle kiss to Alex's forehead.

"I agree. I am still at fault, though. I will have a long time to struggle with my guilt." He smiled. (Alex. This is my fault. If you wish to curse me from your grave, do so all you want. But, I hope you achieve some peace when you arrive in Heaven.)

The hymn had come to an end, and Alex's body began to glow. His soul had emerged from his body, floating in the light. Everyone had expected an angry expression, but instead, there was a big bright smile on his face, as he started to rise higher towards the Heavens.

His lips moved slowly.

Vladimir recognized the words. 'You don't have to be guilty. I chose to protect you. You've suffered enough Vladimir. I want you to be happy!'

Those words stuck to Vladimir's heart, as he watched Alex's soulfully disappear.

"Haha. I see. I promise, Alex. I will be happy." Saying farewell, Vladimir had tears falling down his face, after so many years.

The light faded, and it was over.

After that, no one knew what happened that night.

Vladimir, Daniel, and the other vampires vanished, along with any record of what happened.

Police found Alex's body in the mansion along with a note of what happened to him and who he was.

His body was buried in a cemetery alongside his fathers' comrades and superiors that had died before their time.

Rumor has it that every night on a full moon which turns blood red, his grave is visited by a large group of people.

But, what if they weren't rumors?

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