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Close Your Eyes and See

"Suspend your skepticism..."
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Published 2 years ago

Have you found them?

Don’t worry, most people can’t on the first try. 

They’re there, all right, but only reveal themselves to those who are ready to believe, to accept, to embrace. 

Close your eyes and open your mind. Clear away the prejudices, fears and preconceptions. Suspend your skepticism. Relax and let all your senses — even those you don’t fully perceive or comprehend, and may not even believe in — do their jobs.

Then search again, beneath the lush undergrowth, around the massive trunks of old-growth trees, through green drapes of hanging moss, near the babbling brook, in the shaded canopy above and bright sky beyond. Look. Listen. Feel.

So... Have you found them yet?

I have.





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