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My monochrome life. Shrill beeps are always the first sounds my ears hear, followed by an illogical frenzy to get ready to meet another shades-of-grey day. Toes painfully cramped in their black shoe cages pound the cold, grey concrete. A darker grey...

Mendalla 1 year ago

My temple

A pantheist's place of worship

High up among the mountain peaks, 'Midst towering trees and flowing creeks; There I will find a holy space, That’s filled with beauty, love, and Grace. In this temple I shall bow and pray, And worship to the Cosmos pay.    

Wanderlust trips erratic rambles Blazes me forward without any thought Brooks effuse productive gurgles Splishing down the bump'ety walk   My soul is petted by the forest Soothing silence, natures' seductive caress Thought is washe...

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Relentless. The undergrowth of beginning. The endless overgrowth without a finale. Twining and vining imperceptively, Yet, interlocking in a stranglehold for life. Creating its own atmosphere in a limitless terrarium. Providing susten...

“I am Mother Nature, and I hereby call to order the first annual meeting of the Bureau for Oversight and Observation of Beasts In Existence. Our mission here at B.O.O.B.I.E. is to design and implement the types of animals that shall roam my earth.” ...

Anonymous 3 years ago

The Ascent

A journey in a natural setting that leads to a precious discovery

A tall tree strong and upright, A tree flowing amid rocks and fern, A songbird's call.   These mark the path Upward, to where the damp turf Springs under feet no longer dryshod   There, where sky and earth and water meet, The...

Soleil_Rouge 3 years ago

After the Rain

For those who love the rain

It’s raining outside, I can see through the living room window. With my eyes closed, I imagined how it would feel on my skin so cool and refreshingmaking me feel clean again after it washed away all my worries and fears. As I’m watching...