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Eternal Dreams

"The Wolf Dream Trio Part Three"
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I awoke to the sound of leaves falling and birds chirping. I opened my eyes to see the sun shining brightly through the leaves of autumn trees.

Achingly, I rose and brushed myself off. I felt different, not like when I turned into a werewolf that had an instant burning sensation of the transformation, but a subtle awareness of another presence within me. I looked down to assess myself, what happened to me last night?

Leaves tangled my hair, and two wolf ears stuck out like horns. My clothes were worn and ragged, torn slightly at the hem. My mind drew a blank of my life for the past few months.

I stumbled out of the forest and stared at my old home, my family outside in the yard. I tilted my head to the side in confusion, what were they doing here, I thought they were gone forever.

My mother caught sight of me and ran to hug me. "You're back!" She cried, "Oh you're just in time for dinner!"

"Yeah..." I was gone for months, no explanation of where I had been or was going, "I'm home."

They led me inside and sat me down at the head of the table, as if I was the guest of honor. It was as if they believed I returned from college or something. Something was wrong, everything was wrong.

I slightly noticed when my father left the table suddenly and went up stairs, the hairs on my neck stood on end. The rest rambled on pointlessly about this and that, but I couldn't shake the persistent feeling of morbidity. I stared at the food and found it completely unappetizing, but I was starving.

Then it hit me, a strange shift in the air as it dawned in my mind that I was falling into a trap that I couldn't stay here any longer. My temper flared and a darker side possessed me. "How dare you deceive me, pretending to be my pretentious family, when they were dead for months."

My mother and two brothers began to rise with pale faces. "Such an act is unforgivable." I extended my hands out as the color of their eyes drained into my hands, leaving behind jet black, dilated eyes. I stole their souls and consumed their power.

Instantly, I regained my self-control and stared horridly at the images of my family, minus one. I heard the sound of a shotgun loading behind my head. In reaction, I bolted out the back door, just barely dodging a bullet. My senses told me to hide in the trees they will grant me protection.

My father took aim again and fired, but by then I was safely contained in the leaves. He ran after me, but he stopped and glanced around, looking right past me even. I knew then, that in the forest, I am invisible to others. A super cool power but probably impractical most of the time.

I waited until he was long gone, before creeping out of the forest. It was dark by now and I needed a safer place to hide. The forest won't conceal me from other night creatures, especially vampires. They had it out for me ever since my turning, but now I felt, I was no longer just protecting myself anymore.

I ran into the street and quickly shuffled along the side of the road, avoiding the streetlights, and keeping to myself. Soon some pursuers spotted me, and I tried to flee. Yet, as soon as I tried to run, one of them grabbed me and pinned me to the wall of one of the houses.

They were vampires, and they seemed quite smug to have captured me. "Why Dani, it's been awhile hasn't it?" His grip on me tightened. "We finally caught up with you, like we did Jake. Oh, he was a fun one, wasn't he? We almost had you too, but that monster we summoned wanted you first." He smiled at me and pressed up against my body.

I snarled at him. He twisted my arm causing me to yelp in agony. "Such a pretty little thing you are, I can only imagine what this little one will turn out to be." He pressed his free hand against my stomach.

"Don't worry about a thing, lovely Dani... We will take great care of you, just as our master instructed!"

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