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Lost Stories


The Girl With More Than One Name

Sometimes you need to get lost in order to be found.

Charlotte Hale hated that she had to gather wild berries. It wasn’t that gathering wild berries was hard. It was that gathering them was not hard and at sixteen, she felt like it was demeaning. Her eight-year-old stepbrother, Albert, was perfectly capable...

The Maze

The Maze

I haven't lost you I just got lost in a maze   There we were together Then one day you took a different direction And I couldn't find you You had found the end of the maze Walked your own path Chosen your own way   Oh I wish I'd seen the path you were wal...

Who are you when the white-hot reality of the day shines down?When there is nowhere left to hide and I see who you are.How clever you are at hiding the truth.What is left of us now that I see you? Who are you when the shadows of deceit are stripped bare?W...

She built the walls highEncased herself within No one was getting thoughNo way, No how  She doesn’t know how Or even why But he found the smallest crack To let the light inside  A beacon of lightWhich softly shone A light so bright In her darkness alone T...

There is a battle raging inside you,It’s beating you down,Until you forget which side you’re on,You punish me with your internal war. The war,The constant tug-of-war,Causing endless battles,All between yourself,And I’m caught in the middle. The Middle,Tea...

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Your silence is so loud, It screams into the darkness, Flowing through my brain, Making me feel insane.   The pounding sound, Threatening to tear me down, Running through my heart, Ripping me apart.   Silence is a powerful thing, Louder than spoken words,...


When she awoke she was alone.

When she awoke, she was alone. She couldn't make sense of it. Only a moment ago she was sitting with her mother and father and two brothers having breakfast, but now it was dark, and she was alone. She tried to move but something was holding her, crushing...

Lost Inside

Am I lost

Jam up and jelly tightMy, my, my, my baby, now you're outta sightJam up and jelly tight...Jam up and jelly tight...Jam up and jelly tight...Jam up and jelly tight...So polite...Earworm, earworm...Jelly tight...Lost in the imagery...Outta sight...Lost in t...