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Getting to Know You

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Published 8 years ago
She's sitting at her computer desk when it blinks, alerting her of a new email. She crosses her fingers, hoping it's a college acceptance message or something of the kind, but instead finds one from her email-stalker, MGlass. Most of them from the past couple months had been just the normal: Hey, baby... wanna meet up? and I love your videos and music, please reply, won't you darling? I just wanna talk... and they seemed so innocent and normal fan-guy-like that she just ignored them, thinking he'd get bored and move on to his next celebrity-dream-girl... only he didn't. And this one wasn't so innocent... guess he got tired of her ignoring him, didn't he?

Hey bitch! Answer your fucking emails once in a while! I just wanted to talk, but I guess I'll have to do this the hard way.

Meet me at the center of town, at your favorite club- yes, I know. And I know you know where I'm talking about-tomorrow night @ 8, I'll be in your favorite back corner. If you don't, I'll find you, and if you come with somebody, you'll be in big trouble.

Love you Anna Elizabeth Parker <3


Her eyes are wider than dinner plates and she hits REPLY as if her body's gone on autopilot, then her fingers start typing:

Okay MGlass,

I'm sorry for the long wait, I have a lot of emails, you know, so it took me awhile to even see that you had sent any. I will meet you at Jake's. But I can't at 8, I have... a curfew of sorts. I can meet at 7, however.


Her hand hits SEND and she sits back in the chair, face white in fear as she realizes what she's just done. She's going out to meet a stalker. What the hell was she thinking?


That next night...

He had responded with an okay to her email, and an apology for "all those rotten words", so now she was walking down the sidewalk towards Jake's. Being 18 with roles in movies and tours all over sure had its down sides. Here was one of them.

She was dressed in her most conservative clothing she had, while still looking like she fit in at the bar. Her dress came up to her neck and down to her knees, it had a belt at the thinnest part of her- right under her breasts- and was shimmery dark green to go with her eyes. Her hair was down, so it flowed like black ink to her lower back, and her eyes had no make-up but for mascara and a hint of golden eye shadow.

She had 3-inch high black heels on and pepper spray in her designer bag, just in case.

She reaches the door to the club and shows her ID.. they're not supposed to let anyone under 21 in, but... they know her. Quite well.

She looks through the club and at her back corner- yes, there was someone there alright, in dark clothes and hidden in the shadows so she couldn't see his face. She shivers, not liking this, at all, but struts forward like she owns the place, and, honestly, with her money... she probably could.

"Hello Anna, you're looking stunning as ever this evening." MGlass says in a rough, baritone voice, "Have a seat." He flourishes his hand to the booth, particularly the spot right next to him.

She sits at the opposite end of him and hears him sigh, "Oh come now, Anna, I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to talk. Move over, closer, a little, won't you sweetheart?" She shakes her head. "Please?" He pleads. She scoots a little closer.

"There you go..." she feels something pressed to her back and stiffens, her breathing becoming irregular in fear. "Relax, Anna, I'm not doing anything..." he looks into her eyes, a smirk on his face, " I?" She shakes her head and tries to calm herself, keeping her poise. "Good."

"Why don't we go for a walk, Anna? We could talk... get to know each other." She nods and answers, "Okay," and he has her stand up and makes it look as if he's leading her out of the club... like she's had a little too much to drink.

They walk down the street a little ways, and he says, "So, I already know a lot about you. Got it from different sites, you know? What about you, have any questions?"

"W-who are you?" She says in a whisper, "Why are y-you doing this to me?"

"Who am I? Oh, darling, you should know that," he leads her down an alleyway, "Now, lets get to know each other, why don't we? Lay down."

She blinks, "What?"

"I said lay down! Dear God, sweetheart, don't you ever fucking listen?! Just lay down."

She cringes and lays down as asked, then feels him slide her purse off and hears a light splash as it lands in a puddle of something. What it was, she doesn't know nor want to know. She feels his hands undo her shoes and they're thrown somewhere too, then his weight is on her legs as his hands slide her dress up.. and up.. and up.

"Wait- what are you-" she yelps as he covers her mouth.

"I told you, sweetheart, we're getting to know each other. Or, at least, I'm getting to know you..."

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